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Vernon Square
Fo3 Vernon Square.png
Icon metro.png
Center of Vernon square, view from Salem Street; Mount Vernon Place runs west-east horizontally in the background
Map MarkerVernon Square Station
Vernon Square North
Vernon Square East
Our Lady of Hope Hospital
Statesman Hotel
Vault-Tec Headquarters
Part ofWashington, D.C.
metro exitsFreedom Street station
Metro Junction
Vernon East/Takoma Park
Other ExitsOur Lady of Hope Hospital
Statesman Hotel
Vault-Tec Headquarters
Sewer entrance
Super mutant camp
Cell NameWilderness 19, -4 (Vernon Sq. N)
Wilderness 17, -6 (Vernon Sq. St.)
MVSHotelEntrance (OLoH Hosp.)
Wilderness 19, -6 (Hotel)
VaultTechHeadQuarters (V.-T. HQ)
MVSOrigin (Sewer entrance, ext.)
MVSRaiderTower (Sewer, ext.)
Wilderness 17, -7 (Freedom Str. St.)
ref id00025b9f (Vernon Sq. N)
00025ba9 (Vernon Sq. St.)
00025b9a (OLoH Hosp.)
00025b98 (Hotel)
00025b94 (V.-T. HQ)
00025ba4 (Sewer entrance, ext.)
00025ba0 (Sewer, ext.)
00025b9b (Freedom Str. St.)
Fo3 Vernon Square Map.png

There's something about this area. I can't put my finger on it, but just like the Mall, there is an unusually high concentration of Super Mutants. If I had the time and resources, I'd investigate...


Vernon Square (or rather, Mount Vernon Square) is a major square in Washington D.C.


The district is a square in name only, as in the years leading to the Great War Washington was heavily urbanized and built over. The square (occupied by a now destroyed building) is bounded by Mount Vernon Place, Abernathy Street, Salem Street and Basso Boulevard from the north, east, south and west respectively.

Underworld ghouls have tried to explore the area, but the heavy super mutant presence has driven them away repeatedly, with heavy losses.[1]


This area is heavily occupied by super mutants. They are based out of the Our Lady of Hope Hospital, a nearby Sewer, and the super mutant camp. In the center of the square is a buildings' shell with a Delta IX rocket in a crater and a sewer opening inside. Directly north on Basso Blvd in the middle of the street, on the top of the rubble, is the Sewer Entrance to a locked and trapped "empty" sewer.

Directly next to this to the west on the corner of Basso Blvd and Mount Vernon Place is the Fantastique Cinema, the four formerly showing movies are P.S. I Hate You, Adios Muchachos, Destination: Anchorage, and The Nutty Nanny. The Vernon East/Takoma Park metro entrance is on the corner of Mount Vernon Place and Abernathy St, inside the corner of the derelict building.

Directly to the east is the Vault-Tec Headquarters building, the building itself is on a small plaza with a two way phone kiosk on the southern side of it. The plaza and the bus stop are in a cul-de-sac formed by rubble

On the southern side of the area is the Our Lady of Hope Hospital, with an Emergency Entrance further west, with a military truck parked in front of it with long deceased corpses in the rear of the vehicle and emergency door.

To the eastern side of Basso Blvd is the Statesman Hotel on the corner of Basso Blvd and Salem St. The main entrance of the Statesman Hotel is on Salem St, right across from the Delta IX crater on the southern side. In the middle of Basso Blvd on the west side with the cross section of Salem St is the Vernon Square Station, a small parking area and bus stop. The station itself is highly built up with shops crowding the west, north, and southern sides of the station. The station itself is covered with a broken clear plate glass ceiling held up by ornate iron work on top of a raised platform. The entrance to the station is an archway gate situated on the western side of Basso Blvd. Also in the parking lot there is a Pulowski Preservation shelter[2] that contains a radiation suit.

There are two building shells that have access to the pedestrian over pass over the street entrance to the Vernon Square Station. One on the north side, on the corner of Basso Blvd. and Mount Vernon Place, and the other to the south of that in between the Vernon Square street entrance and the hospital. Both the building shells consist of 3 climbable floors but only the one to the north has remnants of office furniture, the one to the south has no furniture. Taking this route at the ground floor of the southern building shell to the south is an alternate entrance to the hospital. This entrance can also be accessed through the parking lot part of the station complex.

The only way to get from the northern part of the square to the southern half is to go through the super mutant camp and subsequent alley to the south, due to Abernathy St being blocked off by rubble.


Notable loot

  • D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine on the shelves in the radioactive Sewer.
  • A Stealth Boy as well as a scoped .44 magnum on the other shelves, in the Sewer.
  • A Dean's Electronics in a hard to find "second sewer" at the end of an alleyway with a Nuka-Cola machine, by the side of the cinema (see map for "Sewer Entrance" location). The Dean's Electronics is behind an Average locked door, on a table next to some glue and a conductor. There's also a good supply of radiation chems in here, some food and health, and an Average safe.
  • A radiation suit is located in the Pulowski Preservation shelter in the southwest.[3]

Related quests


  • If you get close to the Statesman Hotel (even from other regions), you will pick up the Ranger Emergency Frequency on your Pip-Boy 3000 radio as long as you haven't rescued them yet.
  • The super mutants are most likely attracted by the heavy radiation surrounding the crashed Delta IX rocket in the area, or possibly they are searching for the Vault-Tec Headquarters, in order to find purestrain humans to infect with FEV.
  • Occasionally, super mutants will respawn if one lingers for some time. If you clear the area and return a few days later, two more super mutants will usually be found occupying the derelict building just west of the rocket crash site.


Vernon Square appears only in Fallout 3.


  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Fawkes may not enter the sewer.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png When exiting the sewer located at the bottom of the rocket crater, Fawkes may get stuck in the area right at the very bottom of the stairs next to the sewer entrance and will run in place or back into the sewer. This can be fixed if the player manually pushes him up the stairs and out of the crater. Be warned though if you don't have a radiation suit or many Rad-X or RadAway you may succumb quickly to radiation poisoning.



  1. The Lone Wanderer: "What can you tell me about Vernon Square?"
    Barrows: "Oh my, that's a dangerous part of the D.C. Ruins. Every patrol Underworld has sent even near that zone has come back in bad shape, or hasn't returned at all."
    (Barrows' dialogue)
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