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The Vault theme is one of the possible themes for the player residence in Fallout 3.

Megaton House

The Vault theme features some metal benches, different lighting (bluish vault lighting) some wall decorations (such as wall vents and air conditioners), and big computers in the main room and the upstairs room with the door.

Vault theme in My Megaton house

You get:

Tenpenny Tower Suite

Vault Theme in Tenpenny house

As in all themes, the list of items is different if your home is in Tenpenny Tower. Among the differences is the addition of a "Revelation 21:6" stitching — an interesting decoration for a home that can only be acquired via mass murder.


  • If you store items in the locker and change themes, you will lose all the items inside the locker, since the locker is a part of the vault theme.
  • In the Megaton House, this theme can cause Wadsworth to be stuck upstairs.
  • Moira Brown will reply to wanting the vault theme asking if the player is homesick.


  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png In the GOTY Edition, the bluish-white lighting in the Megaton House caused by this theme will sometimes disappear and be replaced by the houses default lighting. Even if you save while inside the house with the lighting correct and then later reload that save, it will load without the correct lighting, even if it is displayed in the saved game's picture. Currently, the only way to restore the lighting is to re-apply the theme. The rest of the theme, however, is unaffected.