Vault Dweller statue

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Vault Dweller statue
Part ofNew California Republic Plaza

To the Stranger and Vault 13: What doesn't exist, we must sometimes dream and let our dreams inspier us to greater heights. So it was with the Stranger and his belief in the legend of Vault 13.

The Vault Dweller statue is a large statue that is juxtaposed between the Hall of Congress and the Presidential Mansion opposite. It is to commemorate the Vault Dweller, the grandfather of the Chosen One and player character of Fallout, and was set up by president Tandi because he saved her life and made numerous contributions to what was Shady Sands. He marches proudly into the future as a symbol of progress and a shining example for those of the New California Republic to follow.


The statue faces south, and is set among a cross shaped garden with four benches each with an individual sheltering sapling. The Vault Dweller is in a somewhat heroic pose, as if he is purposefully marching.



The Vault Dweller statue appears in Fallout 2.