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Vault City
Vault City Emblem.png
Map MarkerVault City
Central Council
Vault 8
FactionsVault 8 dwellers
New California Republic (pre-2277)[1]
LeadersVault 8 Overseer (2077-2101)
The Council and First Citizen:
Joanne Lynette (2241)
DoctorsDr. Troy
Dr. Andrew
MerchantsVault City:
Randal (general supplies)
Lydia (synthesized alcohol)
Kohl (books)
"Happy" Harry (general supplies)
John Cassidy (alcohol)
QuestsGet a plow for Mr. Smith.
Deliver a sample of jet to Dr. Troy.
Find Mr. Nixon
TerminalsVault City central computer
Vault City Allocation Computer
Vault City medical terminal
Vault City learning terminal
Emergency medical dispenser terminal
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"Interesting?" Heh. Friend, Vault City ain't an "interesting" place...unless the guards get bored, then you better take cover. Why you asking? You looking for something in this sinkhole?

John Cassidy

Vault City is a high-tech settlement in West Nevada, established by the inhabitants of Vault 8 after the Great War, which is best known for their medical technology, most advanced within New California. By 2281, it's part of the NCR. Vault City can be found twenty-one squares east and four squares south of Arroyo.


Vault 8

Vault 8 was one of the few control vaults[2] that had no specific experiment designed for it thus it functioned almost exactly to the residents' expectations.The vault was designed to house a hundred or so people. Vault-Tec Industries, to ensure a bright future for the vault inhabitants, planned to have two G.E.C.K.'s located in Vault 8. Due to logistical errors by the government, Vault 8 received a shipment with hundreds of water chips meant for Vault 13, which as a result received an additional GECK.[3] In 2091, 14 years after Great War, the vault received the all-clear signal and the Overseer ordered the opening of the vault doors.[4][5] While many citizens were responsible for monitoring the surface sensors,[6] the "all-clear" signal was sent by the Enclave.[7]

Vault City

In the following years Vault City was built through the hard work and suffering of many people.[8] By using their only GECK combined with power from Vault 8's fusion generator they created fertile grounds and buildings.[5] In 2092 Richard Moreau was exiled for murder. The details of the murder are unknown and judging from the hypocrisy filling Vault City, the entire incident is questionable.[9][10] In 2101 the Overseer retired and a Council of Citizens was established. The Council appointed the initial First Citizen.[11]

Years after residents of Vault 8 emerged, the shelter was used primarily as a medical center, the best available in post-war America. From the beginning Vault City is one of the most advanced faction in the wasteland, possessing cutting edge medical technology, allowing it to mass produce medical supplies and chems (such as super stimpaks) as well as perform radiation removal and sophisticated surgical procedures, including replacement of lost limbs and organs via cloning[12] and grafting armor plating to one's skeleton.[13] It is the only place that has information about the combat implant schematics. Vault City quickly became an important part of Big Circle caravan trail.[14]

In 2232 Leonard Boyarsky was exiled for murder and unauthorized research. The research allegations revolved around some tampering with the pregnancy cycles in the Auto-Doc that apparently put all of Vault 8 in danger, but the details were deleted from the Vault 8 computer.[15]

NCR expansion and trouble with Gecko

In 2235 the town of Gecko was founded. Later that year, the community of Gecko managed to reactivate nuclear power plant the town was build around. This didn't go unnoticed by Vault City, who started to look upon their new neighbors with growing concern.[16] As it turned out, the plant was in a serious state of disrepair, as of 2239[17] it began leaking waste into the local groundwater, which eventually made the entire reservoir, from which Vault City drew water for their wells, poisonous.[18] Any person who drank water from the wells would contract radiation sickness,[19] in some cases fatally so,[20] and Vault City's medical experts were concerned if the problem wasn't addressed, it could lead to sterility and/or chromosomal damage in the population.[21] As a result, the citizens' attitude towards the ghouls turned from suspicion into open animosity and even outright antipathy, as they accused Gecko of committing terror against Vault City, and although the ghouls repeatedly attempted to contact Vault City for technical help, their emissaries were always shot on sight.[22]

Meanwhile, the expanding NCR considered Vault City a fantastic candidate for inclusion into its growing organism, however, offers of joining were repeatedly declined, with Vault City preferring to stay independent. With no progress being made on the diplomatic side, the NCR Congress approved a secret initiative intended to force Vault City to join. The person selected to carry out this campaign of terror against Vault City was John Bishop of New Reno, who later employed mercenaries to act as raiders and regularly attack Vault City to eventually force it into NCR's hands. In 2239 Thomas Moore, an NCR agent comes to Vault City and becomes one of its citizens. After one year he changed politically, actively seeking to convince the Citizens of Vault City to turn to democracy.[23][24] As a result of his actions he is treated like an idiot, rather than a citizen. Not one citizen takes his words seriously about democracy.[25] Although his demagogy was not effective, he did manage to steal some Vault City technology.[26]

In February 2241 Vault City rejects offers of an alliance with both the Bishop family of New Reno and the NCR.[27] In March, raider attacks on caravans to Vault City begin.[28] The NCR has been getting more aggressive in their attempts to get Vault City to join the Republic, telling Vault City Councillors, if they were to join, the NCR would be able to defend Vault City from the raider attacks. Due to refusals to NCR, with the passage of time raider attacks have become more brutal.[17] Finally, during their last attack, they disabled a laser turret on the western perimeter. Despite having a clear shot into the city, they were ordered to fall back by one of there "captains". This made no sense to Sergeant Stark, who witnessed it.[29] John Bishop under pressure from the NCR, tried to get a current roster of all Vault City's guards. So he could see if he could "get" to one of them with drugs or other "convincing", which he ultimately failed.[26]

Joining the Republic

One of the key limiting factors of Vault City was the fact that its nuclear reactor, housed in Vault 8, was not designed for the strain of powering an entire settlement. By 2241, it was operating at peak capacity, making further growth impossible. The only way to prevent that would be to source power from another location, such as Gecko.[30] Without additional power, Vault City's reactor would burn out within 15 years, dooming the settlement.[31]

Its power issues were eventually resolved, but despite its attempts to control Northern California, Vault City ultimately ended up joining the New California Republic, as it steadily spread northwards since establish a foothold in Vault 15. By 2281, the NCR firmly controlled the entire north, including Redding, once contested by Vault City.[32][33][34]


The heart of Vault City governance: The council building.

Vault City is a planned community, described as a post-nuclear utopia. This "utopia" is highly selective, with the 2241 census listing the population as 103 (citizens only), as opposed to the hundreds in Redding or thousands in New Reno.[35]


The city is ruled by the Council of Citizens, with the Senior Council Member as its head. All decisions about this settlement are taken by the whole council. This council appoints the First Citizen, who is responsible for policy toward other factions. Every council member may grant citizenship, however only the First Citizen can revoke it without any legal consequences. The council rules in a completely authoritarian way, controlling every aspect of life within the City.[36]

Their regulations are strict and enforced to the full extent of the law. For instance, no drugs, real alcohol (artificial imitations are legal), prostitution, gambling or any other vices are allowed within the inner city. All citizens found breaching any regulations, be it even badmouthing the First Citizen, are usually swiftly incarcerated and reeducated. However, the rule of law is not absolute. Beneath all the rhetoric lurks human nature: regulations can and are regularly circumvented for various purposes. For example, Troy, the City's main physician, must smuggle Jet samples into his lab for antidote development, because he can't do it legally, even if it's for a greater purpose. Lydia, officially an upstanding citizen, is looking for someone who can bring her and her friends in Vault City alcohol.[37] Skeev sells fake citizenship papers to those looking for entrance. And when the law does get enforced, it happens in a very heavy-handed manner: for example, when Cassidy didn't pay his licensing fee for alcohol for the month, yet continued to sell it on the premises,[38] Sergeant Stark sent in a guard patrol. The patrol broke down the doors and arrested several of Cassidy's customers on top of confiscating the stock, instead of reminding him about payment.[39] The fate of the arrested men is exemplary of Vault City's approach to justice: (Joshua), who happened to strike a guard, was sentenced to become a Servant (slave, in Vault City newspeak).

Indeed, slavery is legal in Vault City. Slaves work for the good of the city, performing menial jobs like cleaning and serving their Citizen masters or taking care of the city's abundant plant life. Anyone who doesn't pay for safety in the courtyard or commits a crime against Vault City sooner or later will become a servant. Vault City residents justify their slavery (or, as they prefer to call it, servitude) with the fact that they give the servants shelter, food, medical care[40] and protection in exchange for their work.[41] Of course, there are people like Thomas Moore who object to this, calling it hypocrisy since they frown at those who openly call it slavery and do slaving.

Another problem with the Vault City governance is its bloated bureaucracy. For example, to get even the most basic supplies, everyone must complete a large amount of appropriate lists with many copies and wait for them to be processed. As a result people have to wait months for their delivery,[42] which rarely contains the right amount of material(s) requested.[43]


Joanne Lynette, First Citizen in 2241, and the paragon of Vault City... Virtues.

The citizens aren't much better, as most are extremely bigoted, hypocritical and arrogant, treating outsiders like dirt and leading boring, conformist lives, content with the state of affairs. Although healthy and very well educated, they are also extremely dull and bland, with little to no concern for the outside world. Many do not even venture beyond the protective walls of the city proper, content to partake in seminars and activities geared for octogenarians. Even the youth.[44][39]

Their health is ensured by a regimen administrated by the head medical doctor (Troy in 2241). It includes vaccinations,[45] regular physicals,[46] blood tests,[47] a balanced diet with proper supplements,[48] and even cloning spare organs and parts in case of emergencies.[49]

Vault City is a planned community and while pregnancies from sexual intercourse are allowed, none are reported to occur. Population is replenished in a pregnancy cycle during certain years, which is decided by the Council. Male Citizens donate sperm to the Auto-Doc and the most favorable matches are chosen by the computer. Then the appropriate female Citizen is fertilized by the Auto-Doc, based on genetic matches.[21] Apparently, phone sex is a big thing in Vault City, under the brand name LoveLine.[50] The policy also allows the City authorities to assign every family their own rooms in communal houses.[51]

Every citizen of Vault City has delineated work, on the basis of education they received. With the exception of work, there's not much to do in Vault City.[44] The worst crime that can be committed is murder, this happened twice. The punishment was exile.[52] To uphold the law is the most important ideology of Vault City's government, they pride themselves on their no exceptions policy.[53]


The economy of Vault City is based on exporting medical supplies and technology to other communities in Northern California,[35] helped by the Vault City's location along the Big Circle caravan trail.[14] Farming and brahmin husbandry takes place in Vault City's courtyard, but this isn't enough to satisfy their demands. The best trading partner of the city is Redding, with Ben Wade overseeing caravans to and from Redding.[54]


Generally, the only normal way to become a Citizen of Vault City is to be born into it. Personal intervention by a member of the Council can grant a non-citizen citizenship (though this is never done lightly). In addition, non-citizens can take a citizenship test (administered by the Proconsul, Gregory in 2241), which is intentionally designed to be so difficult as to be virtually impossible by someone not of extraordinary intelligence, perception, and luck. So hard is the test that the majority of born citizens would fail it were they to take it. Some of the subjects covered by it include advanced mathematics, spatial relations, deductive reasoning, language comprehension. A thorough physical exam is also included.[55]

Relations with the outside

Vault 8 entrance. The bunker contains all the facilities necessary for the manufacture of medical supplies and technologies, the primary export of Vault City.

The city is very apathetic towards outsiders, generally considering them thieves and blackguards, however, if an outsider is able to pay the rent, he/she can live in the courtyard of the Vault City, protected by its walls and heavy laser turrets, but with no access to other city services, like the Amenities office or the Vault medical lab, as those are reserved for full citizens. Denizens of the courtyard feel squeezed between the desolate horror of the wastes outside and the suffocating repression of Vault City: they hold both new arrivals from the wasteland and the Citizens of Vault City in contempt. Almost all citizens hates all kinds of mutants, if they see some of them, see as soon as they call the guards. Of course, none of them have access to the city. Despite their antipathy to the outside, the city maintains regular caravan routes with other cities, trading its superior medical technology for raw materials and supplies they can't produce within city limits,[56] although many of their services and goods are prohibitively expensive for most wastelanders.[57]

Day passes are issued to non-citizens able to provide a bona fide reason for entering Vault City, such as slaves, uranium, gold, or gecko pelt traders, diplomats, and non-citizen agents of Vault City.[58] Day passes allow a non-citizen access to Vault City proper during daylight hours, (8.00am until 6.00pm) but not the original Vault 8 itself. Trading in Amenities Office is also reserved only for citizens.[59] The customs office is nominally strict in its rules regarding the issuance of day passes. Every Vault Dweller from other Vault after talking to Wallace, will be granted a immediate access and advise them to go to see First Citizen Lynette immediately.

New California Republic

The primary political rival of Vault City in the North California region. Exerts political pressure on the City to have it join the growing Republic. While Vault City continues to trade medical supplies and technology in exchange for mechanical equipment, gold, and various surplus products, its citizens are advised to exercise caution within the Republic's capital and territories.[35]


In the years following the great migration, ghouls started to settle around the old Poseidon Oil Reactor № 5 nuclear power plant, in the years that followed the citizens of Vault City started watching them with suspicion. As Gecko got the plant up and running again through a community effort, they inadvertently started to pollute the local groundwater reservoir with radioactive coolant. Vault City's suspicion turned into outright antipathy as several citizens and populace got sick with radiation poisoning, some fatally so. Vault City even outright accused Gecko of committing terrorism against them and when Gecko send out a group of emissaries to plead for a part to fix the faulty plant, they were shot on sight by the city guard.[18][22]


Although Redding may appear unassuming, it has great economic clout - it is northern California's primary producer and distributor of gold and one of Vault City's primary trade partners, exchanging gold for medical supplies.[35] Being the center of gold mining several larger political factions have vied for control of Redding to gain dominance in the gold trade. Doc Johnson is a planted staunch supporter of Vault City, turning a blind eye to the obvious mistreatment of non-citizens within its walls. He is one of the potential candidates for the office of mayor and wants to put an end to dependence miners from jet. He advocates claim it as the only city that can fully utilize Redding's potential.[60] Of course, his sentiment isn't shared by other denizens of Redding. Dan McGrew in particular is against a VC takeover, as it would eventually result in Redding becoming a slave labor camp, with non-Citizens treated lower than dirt.[61]

New Reno

Political contacts are limited to negotiations between the VC Council and Bishops about a possible alliance, continuously rejected by Vault City. Incidentally, after the City refused, raiders began attacking Vault City, striking fast and hard.[62] Nevertheless, Vault City continues to trade medical supplies for Reno gold.[35]

Broken Hills

Citizens of Vault City are advised to avoid Broken Hills at all costs, due to its sizable super mutants and ghouls community.[35] While citizens seem to consider Broken Hills inhabitants as acceptable,[63] they only accept human traders, like Chad.[64] The primary import from Broken Hills is uranium ore, used to power Vault 8's reactor.[64]


Vault City frequently trades with the Den for slaves to boost its workforce,[65] trading raw chemical supplies. The chemical shipments then make their way into New Reno's drug labs - meaning that Vault City is indirectly fueling the industry of one of its biggest opponents.[66]


The Corrections center, heart of the Vault City military.

Main article: Vault City Guard

The Vault City Guard is the direct descendant of Vault security team - a Vault police force. Vault City guards act as a universal military force, enforcing the law within town, defending it and securing Vault City perimeter. While small, it is extremely well trained and equipped, able to deal with any threats when supported by laser turrets of the City, save for an all-out siege.

The Captain of the Guard is a honorary title granted by the First Citizen of the Vault City to exemplary citizens that have gone above and beyond the call of duty to protect the city's interest and independence. In essence, it is the highest military rank one can hold, giving him full authority over the military might of the Vault City.


Central Council
Vault City downtown Vault 8
Vault City courtyard


Fo2 Vault City Courtyard.png

Main article: Vault City courtyard

The Courtyard is protected by Vault City's high walls and the heavy laser turrets ringing the perimeter. It is the only area of the City where Outsiders have free access, though it is policed heavily and the actual inhabitants chafe under the strict laws and taxation. Even then, the Outsider farmers are those that provide the city with crops and livestock.

All newcomers typically see the Chief Greeting Officer Melinda, who provides basic information about the Vault City. Other services include a general store, the Happy Harry's, a watering hole in the form of the Spittoon, and a public clinic ran by Doctor Andrew and his ornery Auto-Doc on loan from the City.


Fo2 Vault City Downtown.png

Main article: Vault City downtown

The downtown district of the City is the beating heart. It contains the nexus of all its infrastructure and computer networking, Vault 8, as well as the headquarters of their military and security force, the central magazine, information center, workshop, servant hub, and many more. It also holds some residential buildings, including housing and a local bar.


Fo2 Vault City Council.png

Main article: Central Council

The Council where the seat of its government is located. Unsurprisingly, the biggest and most important building is the Central Council, where First Citizen Joanne Lynette and the Council debate on the future of the city and make important decisions. The building houses several libraries as well as the main conference hall and offices of the most important members of the VC society, namely Lynette, her assistant Proconsul Gregory and Senior Councilman McClure. It is, by far, the most well protected location in the city, with guards in metal armour stationed at nearly every turn, ready to open fire at moment's notice. Buildings surrounding the Central Council are for the most part comfortable residential buildings for Vault City's elite, tended to by Servants. Of particular interest is the Parlor Room inn, where the more refined citizens meet to chat and have a drink of some delicious Alcohol-Z.

Vault 8

Fo2 Vault 8 Entry.png

Main article: Vault 8

Vault 8 was designed as a control group for the vault experiments. Opening thirteen years after the war it still remained in pristine condition by 2241. Every element of the vault is still intact, from the Overseer's chair to the entry door. It is thanks to the Vault's nuclear energy production that Vault City's power is supplied, though its capacity has severely limited the expansion prospects of Vault City. The majority of the vault is now unoccupied and used for storage. Interestingly, the Vault had two sets of doors - massive external blast doors and regular, round Vault-entry door.






Icon cut content.pngThe following is based on Fallout 2 cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
Icon cut content.pngEnd of information based on Fallout 2 cut content.

Related quests

Unmarked quests


  • When you enter Vault City for the first time, your reputation is set to Antipathy because the residents see you as another wastelander.
  • Each resident may leave the city when he wants, but usually they don't deal well with outside world. Dead citizens can be found in PMV Valdez, in Redding and in Broken Hills.[67] Leonard Boyarsky was robbed and killed in New Reno and Jones was kidnapped, while passing from Vault City to New Reno.[68] Mrs. Bishop on the other hand, fell into alcohol, drugs and the occasional sexual endeavor.


Vault City appears only in Fallout 2. It is also mentioned by:


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    Their tie to the Vault computers also gave the Enclave the ability to override any Vault locking mechanism and send an all-clear signal to sealed Vaults, coaxing the inhabitants to come outside.
    Again, almost no Vault Dwellers were ever aware of this. For some Fallout 2 relevant information on the matter, here's what the player says in Fallout 2, and here's what Lynette says in response:
    Note: As evidenced below, keep in mind that Lynette's archives are suspect, and they should not be treated as truth.

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    And that's all she wrote - it is a dark foreshadowing to what was really going on in these cauldrons of evil.
    In any event, I remember having a conversation with the designers about the Overseers roles in the Vaults, and the early Overseers were the ones tasked with supplying information to the government... although when the world blew up, there wasn't really anyone to supply it to anymore, since the Enclave took some time to get back up and running.
    In any event, enough blather. Hope that helps.

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    Boyarsky was an in-joke to Leonard Boyarsky who originally worked on F1 and parts of F2 (one of the five billion developer references in Fallout 1 and 2). I think the name was originally Jason Anderson in the text, but I don't remember. Boyarsky was exiled for murder and unauthorized research (the research allegations revolved around some tampering with the pregnancy cycles in the Auto-Doc that apparently put all of Vault 8 in danger, but the details were deleted from the Vault 8 computer). His crime occurred many years after Grey's alleged crime, but Boyarsky only got as far as Reno with a traveling caravan before he was robbed and killed by Reno toughs who saw him as an easy mark (which pretty much is true for everyone traveling from Vault City). His reasons for traveling south were unknown, but it is rumored his original destination was east of Reno - even though explorers report there is nothing out there except desert and deathclaws."
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    "{222}{}{On top of all of this, we have ghouls in Gecko contaminating our groundwater.}"
  18. 18.0 18.1 The Chosen One: "{208}{}{What can you tell me about Gecko?}"
    Gregory: "{219}{}{Gecko? It's a filthy shantytown to the north, inhabited by those creatures, those... "ghouls." They're responsible for poisoning our groundwater, you know! It's an obvious act of terrorism against Vault City!}"
    The Chosen One: "{220}{}{How are they poisoning the water?}"
    Gregory: "{223}{}{Their shantytown is built around the remains of an old atomic power plant... a plant they SOMEHOW started up again and that is now leaking radiation! Those creatures need to be driven out and that plant shut down!}"
  19. Charlie: "{126}{}{Last time I drink the damned water in this town, that's fer sure.}"
    "{127}{}{Surprised I still ain't glowing...}"
    "{128}{}{Damn Rad-Away gives me the runs...}"
    "{129}{}{Thanks, stranger. I appreciate your help... I couldn't afford the Autodoc.}"
  20. Valerie: "{262}{}{Dad?!}"
    {263}{}{2 Seconds}
    Vic: "{264}{}{Valerie?! Honey, is that you?}"

    {265}{}{2 Seconds}
    Valerie: "{266}{}{Where the hell have you been?! Still running around the wastes, selling shiny junk to tribals?}"
    {267}{}{4 Seconds}
    Vic: "{268}{}{Uh, heh-heh... ignore her, Boss, she doesn't know what she's saying... Val, honey... you see, there were slavers and...}"
    {269}{}{4 Seconds}
    Valerie: "{270}{}{Cut the crap, Dad. Are you STILL calling everybody you meet "Boss?" I always hated that about you.}"
    {271}{}{4 Seconds}
    Vic: "{272}{}{Valerie, honey, please... let me explain... you see...}
    {273}{}{2 Seconds, then Fade Out}
    Vic: "{274}{}{... and that's how we got out of the Den.}"
    {275}{}{2 Seconds}
    Valerie: "{276}{}{What a load of brahmin crap.}"
    {277}{}{2 Seconds}
    Vic: "{278}{}{It's the truth!}
    {279}{}{2 Seconds}
    Valerie: "{280}{}{Don't you start. I'm glad Mom isn't here to hear this.}"
    {281}{}{2 Seconds}
    Vic: "{282}{}{What? What happened to your mother?}"
    {283}{}{2 Seconds}
    Valerie: "{284}{}{Brain fever. Caught it out on the wastes. Probably looking for YOU.}"
    {285}{}{2 Seconds}
    Vic: "{286}{}{Oh. I... uh... I'm sorry, Val.}"
    {287}{}{2 Seconds}
    Valerie: "{288}{}{I'm just kidding.}"
    {289}{}{2 Seconds}
    Vic: "{290}{}{Wh -?!}"
    {291}{}{2 Seconds}
    Valerie: "{292}{}{She actually died of radiation poisoning. She drank some of the unfiltered water from the courtyard well.}"
    {293}{}{4 Seconds}
    Vic: "{294}{}{Wha... what?!}"
    {295}{}{2 Seconds}
    Valerie: "{296}{}{Wasn't your fault. She had too many rads running through her system for Dr. Troy to save her. She was glowing like a lamp.}"
    {297}{}{2 Seconds}
    Vic: "{298}{}{Oh. I... well, I...}"
    {299}{}{2 Seconds}
    Valerie: "{300}{}{Don't worry. She was pretty batty before that, anyway. It was only a matter of time.}"
    {301}{}{3 Seconds}
    Vic: "{302}{}{I'm still sorry I didn't get a chance to see her again.}"
    {303}{}{2 Seconds}
    Valerie: "{304}{}{No, you aren't. You used to call her the 'desert viper,' didn't you?}"
    {305}{}{2 Seconds}
    Vic: "{306}{}{Well... yes. But you shouldn't call your mother th--}"
    {307}{}{2 Seconds}
    Valerie: "{308}{}{Why not? It was true. She could be an awful bitch when she wanted to be.}"
    {309}{}{3 Seconds}
    Vic: "{310}{}{Uh... you look like you've done well for yourself. Inherited your father's knack for repairing stuff, it seems.}"
    {311}{}{4 Seconds}
    Valerie: "{312}{}{Dad... you can barely tie your shoelaces, much less repair anything with moving parts.}"
    {313}{}{3 Seconds}
    Vic: "{314}{}{Wh-?! The devil you say!}"
    {315}{}{2 Seconds}
    Valerie: "{316}{}{Let's ask your "boss."}"
    {317}{}{2 Seconds}
    The Chosen One: "{318}{}{Well... he can fix radios. And stuff.}"
    {320}{}{2 Seconds}
    Valerie: "{321}{}{If you give him ALL the parts, right?}"
    The Chosen One: "{324}{}{Well, yes.}"
    {326}{}{2 Seconds}
    Valerie: "{327}{}{Ha! I knew it. Sloppy, sloppy.}"
    Valerie: "{328}{}{Your "boss" is probably better at fixing things than you are.}"
    {329}{}{2 Seconds}
    Vic: "{330}{}{Well, Val, last I saw you, you could barely tell a lug nut from a wrench.}"
    {331}{}{2 Seconds}
    Valerie: "{332}{}{Keep it up, Dad, and you'll NEED a wrench to get my boot out of your ass.}"
    {333}{}{2 Seconds}
    Valerie: "{334}{}{Oh, yeah?! Well, "honey," you better watch it or -}"
    {335}{}{2 Seconds}
    The Chosen One: "{336}{}{Shut up! Shut up both of you! This has gone on LONG ENOUGH! Now, c'mon, Vic, let's get going.}"
    {338}{}{3 Seconds}
    Vic: "{339}{}{We'll talk later, Val.}"
    {340}{}{2 Seconds}
    Valerie: "{341}{}{Yeah, sure, Dad.}"
    {342}{}{2 Seconds}
    {343}{}{Fade out for 3 Seconds}

  21. 21.0 21.1 The Chosen One: "{173}{}{Can you tell me about Vault City?}"
    Phyllis: "{199}{}{Vault City? Well, actually, there's not much to say. I mean, I've been a Citizen all my life... but there's not much to do in Vault City. At all.}"
    The Chosen One: "{201}{}{Nothing at all? Come on.}"
    Phyllis: "{204}{}{Look, I know you're a new Citizen and all, and I don't mean to throw a damper on your Citizenship, but this City can be VERY dull at times.}"
    The Chosen One: "{205}{}{Dull? How so?}"
    Phyllis: "{208}{}{I mean, have you noticed how similar everyone is? And OLD? Most of the seminars and extracurricular activities are geared towards octogenarians. I'm barely twenty-five, and this city makes me feel like I'm fifty.}"
    The Chosen One: "{210}{}{Speaking of old, I noticed there aren't any children in the city.}"
    Phyllis: "{216}{}{Well... yes. Actually, there aren't. Yet. I don't know if anyone told you yet, Vault City is a planned community. We're not due for another pregnancy cycle until a few years from now.}"
    The Chosen One: "{217}{}{Uh... a pregnancy cycle?}"
    Phyllis: "{220}{}{Yes. Pregnancies are permitted only during certain years established by the Council.}"
    The Chosen One: "{221}{}{What if you get pregnant anyway?}"
    The Chosen One: "{225}{}{Uh, last I heard, SEX can make someone pregnant.}"
    Phyllis: "{228}{}{Oh, you mean intercourse? Intercourse is still allowed outside of pregnancy cycles.}"
    The Chosen One: "{229}{}{Doesn't that make people pregnant?}"
    Phyllis: "{232}{}{Oh, no, no... you see, our pregnancies don't result from intercourse.}"
    Phyllis: "{236}{}{Male Citizens "donate" to the Auto-Doc here in the Vault and the most favorable matches are chosen by the computer. Then the appropriate female Citizen is seeded by the Auto-Doc.}"
    The Chosen One: "{238}{}{Don't people still get pregnant from intercourse? What about accidental pregnancies?}"
    Phyllis: "{251}{}{Well, actually... you see, this is something I've been thinking about recently, but Citizens don't seem to have accidental pregnancies. The only successful pregnancies have been facilitated by the Auto-Doc.}"
    The Chosen One: "{252}{}{You know, background radiation might be resulting in sterility or even worse, chromosomal damage. Might be worth checking out.}"
    Phyllis: "{255}{}{You know, I was thinking the same thing. Maybe I should mention it to Dr. Troy. He's been too busy to look into it recently, but the next pregnancy cycle IS coming up, so...}"
    The Chosen One: "{257}{}{Mentioning it to Dr. Troy would be a good idea. Good luck.}"
  22. 22.0 22.1 The Chosen One: "{262}{}{Vault City wouldn’t give you the part? Even if it means that the groundwater won’t be polluted anymore?}"
    Harold: "{274}{hld53}{Well, they’d only help us if they thought it was in their own best interest to do so. Huh. Not much chance of that happening.}"
    The Chosen One: "{275}{}{Hmm, you may be right. Still if someone could convince them that they should help you….}"
    Harold: "{276}{hld54}{They shoot ghouls on sight. Makes conversation a bit tricky.}"
  23. Joanne Lynette: "{595}{lyn093}{No. He is not a TRUE Citizen... not anymore. When he came to us two years ago, he seemed everything we would want in a Citizen. But just a year later he... changed. He turned against us.}"
  24. Joanne Lynette: "{566}{lyn088}{He constantly seeks to convince the Citizens to turn Vault City into a..."democracy," as he calls it, with everyone having a say in laws and decision-making. *I* call it mob rule.}"
  25. The Chosen One: "{119}{}{Servant Assignment Center? What's that?}"
    Barkus: "{133}{}{Citizens who need help with menial tasks come here to have a Servant assigned to them for the day.}"
    The Chosen One: "{134}{}{That sounds a lot like slavery.}"
    Barkus: "{142}{}{I'd watch that kind of talk if I were you. It is NOT slavery. We take care of these refugees, and they have a good life...better than they would get in the wastes.}"
    The Chosen One: "{143}{}{Where do you get them?}"
    Barkus: "{149}{}{Our Servants are usually refugees from raider attacks or contractual prisoners who wish to work off their sentence in a productive manner.}"
    The Chosen One: "{151}{}{At the cost of their freedom, eh?}"
    Barkus: "{159}{}{You sound a lot like that idiot Moore...just what Vault City needs. Look, whoever you are, I have work to do, so if you'll kindly remove yourself...}"
  26. 26.0 26.1 Fallout Bible 8 Avalanche!: 8. And, finally, which part of VC was in Moore's briefcase?

    "8. It was two separate things: (1) two super stimpaks should appear in Bishop's inventory after you deliver the right case (super stimpaks are valuable, no matter where you are, and Bishop's always in danger of suffering head trauma from snipers - or his family), and (2) some downloads from the VC main database - which Bishop requested from Moore, although Moore didn't realize that Bishop wanted the current roster of all VC guards so he could see if he could "get" to one of them with drugs or other "convincing.""
  27. Fallout bible 0 Timeline repair Second strike: "2241 February Vault City rejects offers of an alliance with both the Bishop family of New Reno and NCR."
  28. Fallout bible 0 Timeline repair Second strike: "2241 March Raider attacks on caravans to Vault City begin."
  29. The Chosen One: "....."
    Stark: "{275}{}{I don't know. These raiders don't make much sense. IF they are raiders.}"
    The Chosen One: "{276}{}{What do you mean?}"
    Stark: "{279}{}{They've got heavy firepower. Expensive firepower. They know military tactics. They stay in formation. They never cross their lines of fire. And they always stop short of breaking through our defenses.}"
    The Chosen One: "{280}{}{Uh... they stop short of breaking through the defenses?}"
    Stark: "{283}{}{I've seen them do it. The last attack, they disabled a laser turret on the western perimeter. They had a clear shot into the city. Then I saw one of their "captains" ORDER them to fall back. Makes no sense.}"
  30. The Chosen One: "{306}{}{Well, as I understand it, Vault City's power generator can only support so many people. In fact, it's already nearing its limit.}"
    McClure: "{307}{}{I'm not going to ask you how you came by that information, but if it were true, what are you proposing?}"
  31. The Chosen One: "{124}{}{Gordon, what did you say you did here again?}"
    Gordon: "{130}{}{I look for opportunities.}"
    The Chosen One: "{131}{}{Opportunites? Like what?}"
    Gordon: "{135}{}{I look for ways of maximizing my potential worth.}"
    The Chosen One: "{136}{}{Hmm, sounds like greed to me.}"
    Gordon: "{140}{}{I am greedy. But most people misunderstand greed. Greed is a powerful driving force. Throughout history, mankind’s greatest achievements were driven by men that wanted to better their positions. Driven by greed. Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.}"
    The Chosen One: "{141}{}{I’ll take your word for that, Gordon. But what does greed have to do with Gecko?}"
    Gordon: "{150}{}{So far, not much. But in greed lies Gecko’s salvation. I have important information about the survival of Gecko, but I can’t get anyone to listen to me.}"
    The Chosen One: "{151}{}{What kind of information?}"
    Gordon: "{180}{}{I’ve also found out, from a very reliable source, that Vault City cannot expand without additional power.}"
    The Chosen One: "{181}{}{Vault City can’t expand?}"
    Gordon: "{190}{}{Vault City, you see, has enough power for their current needs -— as long as they’re careful. But the Vault power plant that they use was never designed for the increased load their city is putting on it. It’s at peak capacity right now. Without more power, they can’t expand.}"
    The Chosen One: "{191}{}{I don’t see how that helps you.}"
    Gordon: "{200}{}{Well, if our power plant’s working better, we could trade our excess power and technical expertise to Vault City in exchange for medical technology. }"
    The Chosen One: "{201}{}{And?}"
    Gordon: "{210}{}{Without more power Vault City will burn out their reactor within 15 years. If Gecko’s reactor isn’t repaired, we won’t last half that time. Without medical technology, all of us Ghouls are going to die off in the next 20 years, anyway. Everyone loses if Vault City and Gecko don’t cooperate.}"
    The Chosen One: "{211}{}{So you’re just a good Samaritan huh? Somehow, I don’t buy that.}"
    Gordon: "{220}{}{Not at all. I’ve got my end covered. I’d be the natural choice to administer this project. Greed is my driving force, but thousands of lives are saved by it. Greed is good. At least it would be, if I could get anyone in Vault City to read my economic data.}"
  32. As established in Fallout: New Vegas, the NCR has spread far to the north, as far as Arroyo, Klamath, New Reno and Redding. This precludes the possibility of ending 2 being canon. Furthermore, Vault City is mentioned by Rose of Sharon Cassidy as being pacifist and not wishing to be buried there, as well as in one of Cass' endings, she dies in a shack outside of its Vaults. This precludes endings 1, 5, and 6, with numbers 3 and 4 being the only possible ones.
  33. 33.0 33.1 The Courier: "You any good in a fight?"
    Rose of Sharon Cassidy: "I'm fair with chucking dynamite and not bad with a pistol, if I do say so myself. Carry a knife, too, but that's more for practical reasons. Prefer settling things with my fists, though. Made more friends than corpses in bar fights - plan on keeping it that way. Don't think I'm some kind of Vault City pacifist, though - if things get heated, I'll start shooting, trust me."
    (Rose of Sharon Cassidy's dialogue)
  34. 34.0 34.1 Rose of Sharon Cassidy: "Don't let them bury me in Vault City."
    (Rose of Sharon Cassidy's dialogue)
  35. 35.0 35.1 35.2 35.3 35.4 35.5 Vault City travel log: "VAULT CITY: This utopia is free from crimes and other sociological ills that inflict the other communities in Northern California. It has existed independent since its emergence from Vault 8, and maintains a thriving economy based on exporting medical technology to Outsider communities in Northern California. All Citizens are encouraged to remain in Vault City whenever possible."

    "POPULATION: Current Census 103 Citizens."
    "GOVERNMENT: First Citizen and Council."
    "BACKGROUND RADIATION COUNT: Files have been deleted, missing the following strings: [-$Gecko-/-$Groundwater Contamination-]"
    "MUTATION RATE: Files have been deleted, missing the following strings: [-$Birthrate %-]"
  36. McClure
  37. The Chosen One: "{147}{}{Uh, do you have any real alcohol?}"
    Lydia: "{226}{}{Why? You looking for something with some more kick than these synthetic drinks?}"
    The Chosen One: "{227}{}{Perhaps. Drinking synthetic alcohol can't really compare to the real thing.}"
    Lydia: "{230}{}{That's for sure. I used to have a... well, I used to know this merchant who had a bottle of Maddog 30/30. Bitter stuff...couldn't feel my tongue afterwards, but it was refreshingly different.}"
    The Chosen One: "{231}{}{What happened to this "merchant's" stash?}"
    Lydia: "{234}{}{It got drunk. Or so I heard. There were a few other "friends" here in Vault City who helped this merchant friend drink the stash. They were willing to pay a good price to have the real stuff for a change.}"
  38. The Chosen One: "{173}{}{Cassidy says he was all paid up and you raided his place anyway.}"
    Stark: "{176}{}{No, sir. Mr. Cassidy had not paid his licensing fee for alcohol for the month, yet was still selling it on the premises. His list of payments are logged in the computer.}"
  39. 39.0 39.1 The Chosen One: "{110}{}{Anything interesting going on around here?}"
    John Cassidy: "{124}{}{"Interesting?" Heh. Friend, Vault City ain't an "interesting" place...unless the guards get bored, then you better take cover. Why you asking? You looking for something in this sinkhole?}"
    The Chosen One: "{130}{}{This place can't be that bad.}"
    John Cassidy: "{132}{}{Oh, really? Well, hell then, I must be mistaken, considering YOU'RE the authority and all. Guess you must have been napping during the raid last week?}"
    The Chosen One: "{133}{}{Raid?}"
    John Cassidy: "{134}{}{Aw, yeah, a beautiful sight it was. A guard patrol broke in here looking for "illegal substances." They busted down the door, busted up my stock, then busted up a few of my customers, too.}"
    The Chosen One: "{135}{}{What happened after that?}"
    John Cassidy: "{137}{}{After they hauled away this one guy, Joshua, for resisting arrest, they fined my ass for finding - get this - REAL whiskey on the premises. Nevermind that I got a permit from Stark three months before. Bastards.}"
    The Chosen One: "{138}{}{Whoa. No kidding.}"
    John Cassidy: "{140}{}{It gets better. Now I'm in debt to the guards for the fine, an' I had to buy a new case of alcohol from a merchant at triple my standard rate. I'm expecting the guards to come knocking again soon, just to bust my chops. }"
    The Chosen One: "{141}{}{What's it like most of the time?}"
    John Cassidy: "{143}{}{Even the good days ain't worth a damn. The Citizens don't drink much, so I'm stuck here pouring drinks for merchants. The next cheap sonuvabitch who haggles for a drink is going to be wearing his ass as a hat.}"
  40. Phyllis: "{109}{}{Let's see. We have three Servant inoculations scheduled for 1400...}"
  41. The Chosen One: "{414}{}{Why is it you condone slavery?}"
    Joanne Lynette: "{607}{lyn096}{Why do we condone slavery? The system has been in place for many years, and it works quite well. Both parties benefit from the institution.}"
    The Chosen One: "{610}{}{But... you buy and sell human beings like brahmin. Doesn't keeping slaves bother you?}"
    Joanne Lynette: "{613}{lyn097}{They are not slaves, they are our "servants." We have given them homes, food, clothing, and a purpose. We have given them a life.}"
    The Chosen One: "{614}{}{Sure. Why be free when they could be laboring for you?}"
  42. The Chosen One: "{154}{}{What's the problem with getting more tools?}"
    Valerie: "{161}{}{The PROBLEM is, I can't just go out and buy some new ones, I have to requisition them from Vault City. That means filling out five billion lists, submitting them in triplicate, then WAITING.}"
    The Chosen One: "{162}{}{So why d --?}"
    The Chosen One: "{163}{}{Sorry to h --}"
    Valerie: "{164}{}{Hell, I ordered a Super Snap-Off Tool Kit MONTHS ago, but just like always, it won't show until I don't need it anymore. It's a wonder things ever get done around here...}"
  43. Valerie: "{183}{}{You won't believe this. Not less than a DAY after you gave me those tools, that Super Tool Kit I ordered arrives. But not just one. They send me FIVE. What the hell is wrong with the ordering office?!}"
  44. 44.0 44.1 The Chosen One: "{173}{}{Can you tell me about Vault City?}"
    Phyllis: "{199}{}{Vault City? Well, actually, there's not much to say. I mean, I've been a Citizen all my life... but there's not much to do in Vault City. At all.}"
    The Chosen One: "{201}{}{Nothing at all? Come on.}"
    Phyllis: "{204}{}{Look, I know you're a new Citizen and all, and I don't mean to throw a damper on your Citizenship, but this City can be VERY dull at times.}"
    The Chosen One: "{205}{}{Dull? How so?}"
    Phyllis: "{208}{}{I mean, have you noticed how similar everyone is? And OLD? Most of the seminars and extracurricular activities are geared towards octogenarians. I'm barely twenty-five, and this city makes me feel like I'm fifty.}"
    The Chosen One: "{211}{}{I DID notice the similarity of Citizens.}"
    Phyllis: "{258}{}{It's like they're all... clones. They all dress alike, act alike, and the worst part is that everybody seems happy with it. I... well, sometimes I worry that I'll end up being just like them. That probably sounds silly, huh?}"
    The Chosen One: "{259}{}{Not at all. Pressure to conform must be pretty rough around here, especially considering how insular a community Vault City is.}"
    Phyllis: "{261}{}{Yeah, it can get kind of overwhelming at times. But here I am, bringing down your opinion of Vault City. Don't misunderstand me. It's a great place to live.}"
  45. The Chosen One: "{391}{}{Much better, thanks. Say, before I get poisoned or irradiated again, during that tour you gave me, you mentioned you had a vaccine that gave resistance to poison and radiation. Could I get that?}"
    Troy: "{296}{}{Certainly. I'm sorry... it's been some time since I actually had to administer them. Most Citizens received theirs many, many years ago. Let me prep the Autodoc for the procedure...}"
    The Chosen One: "{297}{}{All right.}"
    Troy: "{298}{}{All finished. A word of caution: This vaccination doesn't make you immune to poison and radiation, but it does bolster your natural resistance.}"
  46. Troy: "{105}{}{Still need to give those new Servants their physicals.}"
  47. Troy: "{106}{}{Phyllis, could you bring me the Proconsul's blood test, please?}"
  48. Troy: "{109}{}{Need to introduce more vitamins into the dietary supplements...}"
  49. Troy: "{108}{}{Maybe we can clone that spleen from those cells taken this afternoon.}"
  50. Troy: "{112}{}{To think I could have taken that job with LoveLine...}"
  51. Vault City citizen: "{151}{}{Each family gets a room in the communal house.}"
  52. Joanne Lynette: "{345}{lyn045}{Murderers, both of them. Boyarsky was exiled ten years ago, and Richard Moreau was exiled shortly after we left the Vault. Citizenship is a sacred trust -- crime is not tolerated within our walls.}"
  53. Joanne Lynette: "{538}{lyn083}{The law is the law. Exceptions make us no better than the Outsiders. Again, are you absolutely certain of your accusations?}"
  54. The Chosen One: "{278}{}{What can you tell me about Redding?}"
    Wallace: "{281}{}{It's a mining town far to the west. The caravans from there were the most pleasant to deal with, but recently the shipments of ore have slowed considerably. It has us a bit worried... we depend on their ore a great deal.}"
  55. The Chosen One: "{147}{}{What is the test exactly?}"
    Gregory: "{151}{}{It is a comprehensive exam, divided into several parts...advanced mathematics, spatial relations, deductive reasoning, language comprehension... oh, and there is also a thorough physical examination.}"
  56. The Chosen One: "{129}{}{What can you tell me about Vault City?}"
    James Hoffy: "{140}{}{Vault City (Jimmy spits disdainfully). Yeah, I'll tell you about those sons-of-bitches. Fucking bastards are too good for the rest of us. They only trade medicine to us because they need our gold. Otherwise they'd just let us all rot. I wouldn't spend too much time there, kid. But if you want to see it, Ben Wade heads out from here on the 1st of every month.}"
  57. The Chosen One: "{174}{}{Do you know where the Vault is located?}"
    Tubby: "{184}{}{I have heard of a place called Vault City. But unfortunately, I can't help you with directions. You see, very few of us towns can offer acceptable exchange for the medical services they provide, so most of us have never been there.}"
  58. The Chosen One: "....."
    Wallace: "....."
    The Chosen One: "{343}{}{Oh, uh… well, I am a merchant. I had planned on trading with the other merchants in the city. Can I get a Day Pass from you?}"
    Wallace: "{344}{}{You are a merchant? Really. And what would you happen to be selling? Ore? Some of those filthy wastelander lizard skins? }"
    Wallace: "{345}{}{(Glances at your companion.) Or are you looking to sell some Servants?}"
    The Chosen One: "{346}{}{Yes, I am looking to sell some Servants in the City.}"
    The Chosen One: "{347}{}{I'm selling some of those… uh… filthy Gecko pelts.}"
    The Chosen One: "{348}{}{Actually, I have some fine Golden Gecko pelts with me. }"
    The Chosen One: "{349}{}{I'm selling some gold ore.}"
    The Chosen One: "{350}{}{I'm selling some uranium ore.}"
    The Chosen One: "{351}{}{I don't have any of those things… yet. Maybe I'll be back.}"
    The Chosen One: "{352}{}{Actually, I misspoke. Sorry to bother you.}"
    Wallace: "{353}{}{Hmmmm. Well, let's see what you have. Once I inspect your stock, I can process the paperwork for your Day Pass. }"
    The Chosen One: "{354}{}{All right. Uh, all I have is a sample of my stock here. The rest is in… uh, my caravan. Outside the city. }"
  59. The Chosen One: "{161}{}{Sounds great. Can I see what you have in stock?}"
    Randal: "{169}{}{Well, sorry to break it to you, but I'm only authorized to do transactions with Citizens. No offense to you, but it's the rule, you know? You might try Happy Harry's out in the Courtyard.}"
    "{170}{}{Well, sorry to break it to you, but I'm only authorized to do transactions with Citizens. No offense to you, but it's the rule, you know? You might try Happy Harry's out in the Courtyard.}"
  60. The Chosen One: "{211}{}{So if you don't want New Reno to control Redding, just who do you want in charge here?}"
    Johnson: "{221}{}{Well, everyone wants a part of the gold here in Redding, so we're going to go to be controlled by someone, eventually. I just want us to have the master that's going to do the best job for Redding.}"
    The Chosen One: "{222}{}{And who do you think that is?}"
    Johnson: "{223}{}{The way I see it, Redding's best chance is with Vault City controlling things here. That's where I'm from - so I might be biased - but I really do think that Vault City can do a better job of helping the citizens of Redding.}"
    The Chosen One: "{224}{}{Why is that?}"
    Johnson: "{225}{}{Because they handle Vault City in a just and humane manner. They would do the same for Redding. I'm sure of it.}"
    The Chosen One: "{226}{}{Vault City takes care of their citizens all right, but they treat non-citizens like dirt.}"
    Johnson: "{231}{}{That's nonsense. Vault City does extend special privileges to citizens, but only because they're better qualified to enjoy those things than brutish non-citizens. Besides, everyone can qualify for Vault City citizenship if they pass the tests.}"
  61. The Chosen One: "{129}{}{Hmm, what about Vault City, then?}"
    Dan McGrew: "{131}{}{Vault City? (he laughs) Those bigots would turn Redding into a slave-labor camp. They don't see anyone who's not one of their precious Citizens as being worth a warm bucket of spit. Spending my life bowing and scraping to those bigots isn't my idea of any kind of life.}"
  62. The Chosen One: "{461}{}{Oh, and what does Mr. Bishop say in the confessional?}"
    Tully: "{600}{}{Well, not much, but I hear thingz OUSSIDE th' confessional about oul' Bishop. Crafty devil. Got iron ballz, he does...must clink when he walkz. I figger he'z behind thosse raidz on Vault City…you heard 'bout those?}"
    The Chosen One: "{603}{}{Father, keep it down. That kind of talk could get you killed in this town…}"
    Tully: "{610}{}{(Ignoes you.) See, a few months back, oul' Bishop sends a caravan to Vault City, SUGGESTING a marriage o' convenience 'tween Vault City n' New Reno.}"
    The Chosen One: "{611}{}{Did they reach an agreement?}"
    Tully: "{470}{}{Naw, Vault City told him ta STICK it up his poopchute. So...not long after, Vault City starts getting raided. Fast. Hard. An' all th' while, right there is Bischop, telling 'em, "I COULD help, IF you join with New Reno."}"
  63. The Chosen One: "{268}{}{What can you tell me about Broken Hills?}"
    Wallace: "{275}{}{They seem a bit shifty, but nice enough... well, nice enough for Outsiders, anyway. No offense.}"
  64. 64.0 64.1 The Chosen One: "{221}{}{Broken Hills? Where are those?}"
    John: "{230}{}{Broken Hills is where we get all the uranium that we need for the atomic reactor from. From what I understand, the uranium is mined by mutants down there. But they have humans trade the stuff for them.}"
    The Chosen One: "{231}{}{Why do they have humans trade the stuff for them?}"
    John: "{250}{}{Well, because they trade uranium to Vault City, too. Vault City treats anyone that’s not a pure strain human just like lepers. So, Broken Hills uses human traders. Some guy named Chad, I think.}"
  65. The Chosen One: "{173}{}{What goods do you receive from the caravans?}"
    Wallace: "{259}{}{Depends on where the caravan is from. We get shipments from many places... Servants from the Den, uranium from Broken Hills, and metal ore from Redding.}"
    The Chosen One: "{260}{}{What can you tell me about the Den?}"
    Wallace: "{265}{}{It's a... community to the west of here. We frequently purchase Servants from their traders. It's quite a rough place, from what I've heard.}"
    Wallace: '{266}{}{I'm sure a... Servant appropriator... such as yourself has a much more thorough knowledge of that place than I.}"
  66. The Chosen One: "{311}{}{Why is that?}"
    Lara: "{320}{}{I've seen caravan's from Vault City come in and then some of it gets picked up by caravans from New Reno.}"
    The Chosen One: "{321}{}{So? Why does that make sense?}"
    Lara: "{340}{}{New Reno is the drug capital around here. They have to get the raw materials to make there drugs from somewhere, right? It seems like they're getting some, or all of it, from Vault City.}"
  67. Fallout Bible 6 Questions galore: "1b. Eh, I guess I have to be piatent......BTW. I know you answered one (only one, the smallest one :) of my qustions! BTW2. In tanker there was a dead vault 13 guy near those vault doors, how did he get there blah blah (you know the rest)? BTW3. How did those "aliens", floaters and other things get into the tanker??? They sneaked in or something?? I had some other qustions but I forgot them :) , oh, that Ed guy ( "You see Ed, Ed is dead) supossed to be another in-joke like Leonard Boyarski ?"
    "Vault suit guy in tanker: Unknown. It's possible he was a test subject left over from the Enclave when they held the tanker, or a traveler from Vault City. His origin was never mentioned in the documentation."
    "The aliens, floaters, and centaurs were placed in the tanker, since we needed some major baddies in the tanker at the end game. They most likely crawled down there in search of a lair before the punks showed up. Centaurs and floaters get around – mostly wherever game logic (not necessarily plausibility) dictates."
    "Ed - yeah, it's in-joke. According to Chris Taylor:"
    "What's the deal with Ed? Zed's Dead, baby, Zed's dead. From Pulp Fiction. That's part of the reference. Ed was twofold: to immediately show the player that the outside world was dangerous, and to tell the player that he wasn't the first choice of someone to send out. Ed was sent out before the waterchip malfunction, however, since he's just bones."

    "1c. In the undergrounds of Broken Hills there was (another) "dead vault women" :) (with no legs :), I know it is f. detail but you can always make something interesting out of nothing :) (but please, make her someone interesting not just someone from vault city! :)"
    "Sorry, there were no other vaults around; she's from Vault City - one of the many Vault City unfortunates who couldn't adapt to the harsh life of the wasteland. I do not know whether she had any legs while she was alive."
    "1d. In Redding there was a corpse(under some rocks) of a man in vault suit, from where he, and how did he get there (and died)?"
    "He's another sucker from Vault City, possibly having come in on a caravan. He could also be a fugitive Enclave scientist or worker, since they wear Vault suits, too, but this is unlikely."
  68. The Chosen One: "{133}{}{How did you come to be here in the first place?}"
    Jones: "{154}{}{I was kidnapped. I was traveling from Vault City to New Reno for a well-deserved vacation. Went to bed one night and woke up bound and gagged the next morning. A week or so later, I was here. Been here ever since.}"
  69. The Courier: "Why would I have brought it here?"
    Ulysses: "I've walked the East. You've walked the West, more than I have. Circle Junction. Reno. Vault City. Word of you at Fort Aradesh... Fort Abandon. Even further West than that, Brahmin drives on the Big Circle. Whatever you saw out there, wasn't enough to make you stay. Maybe the markings on the package reminded you of the road home."
    (Ulysses' dialogue)
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