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Vault 96
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Map MarkerVault 96
Part ofSavage Divide
  • Ignored by EMS
  • Fast travel destination
  • Vault-Tec theme
  • Interior cell
TerminalsVault 96 terminals

Vault 96 is one of the Vaults constructed by the Vault-Tec Corporation. It is located in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia.


Constructed by Vault-Tec as a genetic ark intended for ecosystem restoration, Vault 96 was supposed to attempt to force nature back into equilibrium after a catastrophic event. This was based around two key components: An almost inexhaustible number of frozen embryos ready to be artificially gestated to full maturity and automated keeper robots to protect them when they leave the Vault. Embryos constituted a carefully chosen, fully complete ecosystem referred to as "core fauna". The Vault had enough material for 112 releases, until the system stabilized itself or the outside world turned out to be simply uninhabitable. Releases were timed to coincide with Vault Exoduses. In ideal conditions, the corporation planned for 5 full ecosystem releases before a human Vault opened, to provide a more habitable region to re-develop.[1] Vault 96 was designed to run on a skeleton crew of just six highly trained people: Randall Evola (Overseer), Ryan Harvey (Cryogenics), Nina Valaya (Biology), Jeanette Higgins (Robotics), and Orrin Cantwell with Jasper Fry (Maintenence).[2]

Although established with good intentions in mind, robotic surveys performed outside the Vault quickly demonstrated that the world outside was a lot more hostile than expected. Rampant mutations were quickly turning the new world into a place where the old systems stored in Vault 96 were no longer viable. However, the team continued on schedule, attempting to release the wildlife as per their mission. Strong genetic and physical differences made their chances for success tenuous - but it was still better than just abandoning the Vault.[3]

The pattern continued until the underlying flaws in the Vault's design and infrastructure revealed themselves: Generator 1 started experiencing intermittent failures, leading to the Vault door failing and letting mutated creatures from the outside (as they were a relatively near match for the animals contained within). Although robotic security managed to fend the mutated creatures off, the situation steadily deteriorated due to a limited supply of spare parts and equipment - with nothing to repair Generator 1 with.[4][5]

The staff of the Vault managed to perform five manual releases before the automated ecosystem release system took over.[6] All of the systems switched to automatic mode when the skeleton crew became real skeletons, together with the failing Generator I.[7]

Points of interest

  • The Vault is located in the southern part of the Savage Divide and is currently inaccessible. Judging by the localization files, there are two types of events planned for inclusion:
    • One where the player has to save the frozen embryos by repairing the failing generator responsible for maintaining the power to the cryonic sections.
    • Another one where the player has to wipe out the mutants that invaded the Vault and are threatening the de-iced core fauna, since the Vault will sterilize the interior should active mutations persist.

Vault has been contaminated with outside genetic abberations of unknown origin. Pristine live samples have de-iced and are under immediate threat of catastrophic loss. Emergency Maintence Team requested to bring genetic samples of matching fauna from the surrounding area, clear the vault of contaminants, and preserve as many remaining core fauna as possible.

The Genetic samples you gather from previous re-population releases will be used to generate syringer ammuniution once inside the vault, keyed to genotype signatures of the endagered fauna. We have a limited time window, as automated systems will completely sterilize the vault, sacrificing de-iced core fauna to preserve remaining samples.

Vault 76 terminals
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Vault 96 appears only in Fallout 76.


  1. Vault 96 terminals
  2. Vault 96 terminals
  3. Vault 96 terminals: "Aberrant Forms
    Overseer Evola:
    I've observed a number of abberant forms in the vault. We've had accidental de-icings; Cryogenics and Maintenance are usually on top of it and we can track down the escaped fauna - but this is different. I'm noticing strong physical and genetic differences from the samples in the vault itself. This implies external contamination - but the genetics are close enough that they are getting in somehow.
    I'm going to fine-tune and re-calibrate identification systems, but recent survey runs by robots outside the vault indicate that mutation could be rampant and create a hostile environment to pre-war fauna. The old ecosystems that this vault was intended to restore may no longer be viable."
  4. Vault 96 terminals: "Generator 1
    Randy -
    I think the problem is Generator 1. It's failing intermittently, which leads to the automated systems prioritizing system power. I think that the "Abberant Forms" that Nina described get in during these downtime windows, because the system assumes that a giant metal door will be a good enough security measure, so it allows mutated forms in. There may come a time when robotic security can't handle this and we have to fight them off. This may continue until we repair Generator 1, but I don't have the equipment in the vault to perform the neccesary repairs. Please Advise.
    - Orrin"
  5. Vault 96 terminals: "Contaminant Report
    While most systems seem to be operating normally, the vault release door apparently is having issues distinguishing between the hostile mutations that Nina identified and our stock. If it's a software issue, I can't help but I can work on preparing us for the worst - a full on breach.
    - Orrin"
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    LAST MANUAL LOGIN: 19 August 2020
    CURRENT EXTERIOR CLIMATE: Extremely Hostile"
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    LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEMS: Operational; automated due to lack of manual response
    ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS: Partially Operational. Generator 1 appears to be experiencing intermittent failure"