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Vault 95
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Map MarkerVault 95
FactionsVault-Tec Corporation (formerly)
QuestsBenign Intervention
Cell NameVault95Ext
Vault95 (interior)
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Private Terminal
Private Terminal
Overseer's Terminal
Facilities Wing Terminal
Detox Facility Terminal
Clean Room Terminal

Vault 95 is one of the Vaults constructed by the Vault-Tec Corporation in the Commonwealth. It is located southwest of Boston, Massachusetts, and north of the Glowing Sea.


Designed for 72 dwellers,[1] Vault 95 was specifically designed to house individuals who were addicted to drugs, offering them the chance to be rehabilitated and sheltered from nuclear fallout. Isolation is cited as the primary means of recovery: by not providing any drugs to vault dwellers they aimed to eliminate chances of relapse. There were also daily meetings to help the addicts through their recovery.[2] Vault-Tec's Overseer manifest describes their position as "not to be considered a position of power, but rather a position of support and servitude." Infractions were dealt with using positive reinforcement and encouragement; together they shared the same path and were as a family. As Overseer and she should not prevent a resident from continuing their own personal journey.[3][4] Sealed away inside the Vault after the Great War, the inhabitants eventually overcame their addictions. By 2082, five years after the War, they've managed to get clean and form a functioning society within the Vault, continuing to adhere to the Vault-Tec Rehabilitation Program (The Program, as they called it) even after it succeeded.[4]

One of the Vault dwellers, R. Guttierrez was an undercover Vault-Tec Corporation employee posing as a fellow addict. Their job was to blend in with the other vault dwellers and ensure nobody knew of their confidential role within the Vault. To carry out the second phase of the experiment, Gutierrez was supposed to open a secret stash of various addictive chems and alcohol sealed inside the living quarters section that was to be opened after five calendar years, as the second part of the Vault's overall experiment.[5][6] Soon after the stash of drugs was found the Vault fell into chaos, with fighting and killing breaking out as the rest of the inhabitants succumbed to their former addictions.[7][8][9]

By 2287 Vault 95 has been taken over by Gunners, who have moved into the installation after overwhelming the vault dwellers.[10] Most of the installation is heavily damaged, as much by the fighting as by the passage of time. The Vault's reactor is offline and partially buried under tons of rock,[11] with the remainder showing great wear and tear. The Gunners have cleaned out the Vault's major areas, but lack the technical acumen necessary to fix it up properly.[12]



There is a camp set up on the roof top of the entrance (accessed with some some scaffolding) with a cooking station. The front entrance has little of note, except for the elevator that leads into the vault proper.


A short hallway leading into the atrium, which is guarded by several Gunners and turrets. Down the stairs in the center of the room is a subtier used as living and sleeping quarters, with a cooking station, and the entrance to the reactor level in the northeast. The ascending stairs in the atrium lead to the Oveerseer's office, which doubled as the vault's group therapy room.

Residential wing

To the north of the atrium is the residential wing. There is a minor fork in the hallway; one can either go through a busted wall and avoid the rooms, or one can go through the rooms, which contain an armor workbench and a terminal. To the west are the lavatories and showers, as well as the vault's secret chem and alcohol stash; to the north are several more living quarters.

The side corridor with the quarters contains the Big Guns Bobblehead. The area also contains an armor workbench.

Research wing

South of the atrium is the research wing; the wing is locked behind a Master-locked door, but can also be unlocked using the terminal in the overseer's office. The first research room is directly after the cafeteria and kitchen, and before a staircase leading up to a second story. A research room with a busted wall leads into another, and out into a balcony. The balcony terminates at the vault's detoxification facility, containing the Clean Room and the experimental machine that can cure Cait of her drug dependency.

Notable loot

  • The Big Guns bobblehead is in the northernmost room of the residential wing.
  • A Stealth Boy is next to a skeletal scientist in the Advanced-locked room in the reactor level.
  • A Nuka Cherry is in one of the Vault bedrooms.


Vault 95 appears only in Fallout 4. An inventory icon for a Vault 95 jumpsuit exists in Fallout 3's files.



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