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Vault 88 radio beacon is a radio station in Vault-Tec Workshop.


The station begins transmitting immediately when the Vault-Tec Workshop is loaded.


Before activating the radio beacon

This is an emergency broadcast signal from Vault 88. Authentication codeword IMPISH.

Vault 88 emergency classification: unspecified integrity breach warning.

Any available Vault-Tec personnel are required to respond under Emergency Protocol VT-76.

This signal will repeat.

After activating the radio beacon

Attention, people of the Commonwealth. Vault 88 is now accepting applications for the first time in 200 years. If you're looking for a safe, secure place to settle, consider joining our soon-to-be thriving community.

Vault 88 is conveniently located near downtown Quincy. Apply in person to Overseer Barstow.

If Barstow is dead or kicked out

I am pleased to announce that Vault 88 is accepting candidates to live in style. Underground.

Vault-Tec's motto has never been more apropos: Better Living Underground.

The entrance to Vault 88 is located in Quincy Quarry. Start your new, better life today.