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Vault 76
F76 Vault 76 Main Door.png
F76 358.png
Part ofAppalachia, The Forest
FactionsVault-Tec Corporation
LeadersVault 76 overseer
QuestsReclamation Day
  • Fast travel destination
  • No CAMPing allowed
  • Vault-Tec theme
  • The Forest location
  • Large loot scale
TerminalsOverseer's Terminal
Personnel Terminal
Security Terminal
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If America is to be rebuilt, every life in this Vault is special. Preserve them all.

— Mission brief

Vault 76 is one of the Vaults constructed by the Vault-Tec Corporation. It is located in West Virginia (mislabeled as a DC area Vault in certain Vault-Tec records)[2] and was designated as the Official Vault of the Tricentennial by Vault-Tec, under the tagline "Vault-Tec Salutes America".[3]


Vault 76 was one of the seventeen control Vaults within the Vault experiment. It was designed to house five hundred[4] of America's finest, including students from Vault-Tec University, military members, and a former White House Chief of Staff. After 25 years, in 2102, the Vault would open and the residents would colonize Appalachia. Its Overseer was instructed to ignore standard operating procedures, as Vault 76 was deemed a special project essential to rebuilding the United States in the wake of the nuclear holocaust, and as such, the well-being and livelihood of its denizens were given an absolute priority.[5] Its stated capacity was 88 dwellers.[6]

Construction began in February of 2065 and ended in October of 2069. The Vault had LightLife Geo-Thermal for its primary power supply, and General Atomics Nuclear Power as a secondary power supply. Its computer control system was Brainpower 4.[7] At some point during construction, Giles Wolstencroft, Vault-Tec's Assistant Chief Executive Officer, was abducted by extra terrestrials while inspecting the site.[8] Over the course of the project, the Vault received numerous upgrades, including replacing the power supply with a pair of Vault-Tec super-reactors, and a major increase to the standard of life. Instead of the standard and generally spartan living quarters, each denizen of the Vault was furnished with a fully-featured apartment including a discrete bedroom, living room, and bathroom, color television sets, and a general quality of life far superior to that experienced by dwellers assigned to other Vaults.[9] The upgraded Vault was debuted by Vault-Tec in celebration of America's Tercentenary in 2076.[10]

The Vault was successfully sealed on October 23, 2077, aided by special detachments from the U.S. Army that established a security perimeter around the Vault and shuttling the designated residents in using buses.[11] The crack Vault-Tec security team ensured compliance and defended the residents as they entered the Vault, authorized and encouraged to use lethal force to ensure authorized residents would make it into the Vault. Everyone else was considered an enemy combatant.[12] They succeeded in their mission and the great Vault door was sealed for the next quarter of a century. However, it was only the beginning of the great project. As each resident was carefully chosen for their unique skills and temperament, Vault-Tec expected the residents to present unique challenges in maintaining order. As a last resort, the Overseer was granted the ability to lock down each domicile and imprison the resident for any duration deemed appropriate (with the note to account for the fact that enforced solitary confinement can lead to psychological issues). Furthermore, the security team was provided with less-than-lethal devices to ensure compliance. Firearms and other munitions were stowed after the amended entry period.[13]

For the next 25 years, Vault 76 continued to operate. The Overseer found order easy to maintain, though the impressive pedigree of the residents and their competence led to the aforementioned unique challenges, most often challenging her authority. To provide the residents with an outlet for their competitiveness, the Overseer instituted a number of awards for the dwellers to obtain, as award ceremonies were a great way to placate even the most hardened egos (altercations aside; one resident lost a tooth fighting over the Best Dental Hygiene award). The high point of the program was the Vault 76 World Cup, even if it nearly broke the jukebox. Of course, the Overseer wouldn't have gotten anywhere without the exemplary service of her loyal and dependable senior staff.[14]

As the Vault neared the end of its duration and the Reclamation Day, the situation started to slowly deteriorate. In 2100, the Vault was over capacity, with hydroponics struggling to keep up with the demand and mandatory rationing instituted by the Overseer. Six residents had to be placed under Disciplinary Lockdown (up from four at the end of the previous year), with the Morale Officer tasked with pacifying rumors about Appalachia around the clock. Nobody wanted to emerge into Appalachia to fight cannibal mutants and brave burning rain. Regardless, tensions were running high,[14] especially with some of the residents being quite difficult to handle. One infamous resident was detested by the security so much that only one officer could be trusted to be sent down and not strangle him.[15][16] Furthermore, the Ressies, as the security team fondly called them, started hacking into terminals to learn more about the Reclamation and the Activation Notices. Although the security team made a token effort to curtail unathorized access, they all knew trying to keep bona fide geniuses out of the files was a lost cause.[17]

As a result of these mounting concerns, 2102 and the Reclamation Day was met with relief from all parties (some were so relieved they even broke into the stores to enjoy it early).[18] The Overseer mandated a Reclamation Day party the day before the Activation Notice, opening up restricted alcohol stashes and the remaining food supplies. The happiness and cheering in the atrium as the Overseer counted down to midnight were second only to the time when the first Vault child was born. The party continued well into the night, when the Overseer called lights out and had security help stragglers into their beds. Then she and her team went through the final checklists. Standees and supplies were placed along the exit route to the Vault door to provide a last refresher course for the Ressies,[19] while the security team went through their duties with record speed: Wiping logs, securing non-essential gear, and acquiring Reclamation Packages for themselves.[20]

The residents were emerging into an unknown world, transformed by nuclear war and 25 years of chaos. Nobody knew what to expect, as the bombs knocked out Vault 76's external sensors, except for the Geiger counters. Some on the security team were less concerned about threats from without than those within. The competitive Vault 76 dwellers were already making alliances and pacts before exiting and anything could happen without some sort of guiding force.[21] The team feared that the Ressies could go off the rails, breaking the respectable record of 25 years without casualties. Although some argued for arming the residents before they leave the Vault, using the surplus stocks, the Overseer denied the request.[22] They received the standard survival packages and were told to run fast and far away from Vault 76 and complete their mission.[23]

There was no alternative. Studies showed that Vault-Tec residents quickly started to depend on the amenities provided by the Vault, so the Vault was designed to cease operation 24 hours after the All-Clear message was received (i.e. 24 hours after Reclamation Day). Air circulation would shut down last, giving residents enough time to leave the Vault, but rendering it hazardous for habitation. Only robotic stewards would remain to preserve the remains, while the Vault 76 residents focused on rebuilding America.[24]

As for the Vault Overseer, she had her own mission: Once Reclamation started, she was ordered to find and secure three Appalachian nuclear silos and, if these sites were still nuclear capable, ensure no one except Vault-Tec can access or launch nuclear ordnance. Any other authorities - government, militia, or otherwise - were to be ignored, to ensure that Vault-Tec alone controlled these silos and could deny their use to any third parties.[25][26]

Points of interest

  • Vault 76 is the game's starting and tutorial area, providing a direct route to the exit with few branches. The player awakes in their apartment and has the opportunity to explore their surroundings and collect the Nuka Tapper game holotape from their personal terminal. They are only allowed to exit the apartment once they collect the Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI, entering the atrium area with traces of the last day's party.
  • The aforementioned standees are found on the way out of the Vault and provide some basic tips on survival, together with slowly-repeated instructions from the Mr Handies. More importantly, each standee offers the player to collect some gear, including:
    • Black-framed glasses
    • A party hat
    • A perk package, giving a free level up and perk card.
    • Five stimpaks and five bottles of purified watel
    • Crafting supplies
    • A C.A.M.P.
  • As the Vault is in the process of shutting down, side routes are sealed off and inaccessible. However, the player can access a few areas and terminals, including the personnel files (in the room with the projector and perk pack), the Overseer's office (which contains the first of her recordings), and the security office just by the entrance. Once the player exits the Vault, the game starts proper.
  • The exterior of The Vault contains little in the way of danger, except for a small group of Liberator Mk 0 bots that provide good target practice. A Responder corpse near the descent to the parking lot provides the first weapon (a pipe gun), with several Responder supply points in the parking lot and old supply crates scattered inside and near the vehicle wrecks provide some additional starting supplies. The player is encouraged to head towards Flatwoods, following the Overseer's trail, although they can pick any direction with no ill effects (except for running into foes on the way).


Vault Dwellers
Mister Handys

Notable loot

Related quests


Dynamic spawns

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Vault 76 appears in Fallout 76 and is mentioned in Fallout 3, Mothership Zeta, and Fallout 4.


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Vault 76