Vault 199

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Vault 199
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Game tile Fallouit Shelter.png

Vault 199 is a repeatable quest in Fallout Shelter.


The Raiders mentioned Bigsby may have fled to Vault 199. I should go ask around. Hopefully, the Dwellers have him.


Look for Bigsby in Vault 199.


  • No dogs here. Try our sister Vault: 899. They're classier. But first, take this as our token of thanks. (_Conversation_1_NPCEnd_1);
  • You got here just in time! We weren't expecting that last minute... infestation. (_Conversation_1_NPCStart_1);
  • Some people say 199 is pretty cheap when it comes to Vaults, but we love her all the same. (_Conversation_1_NPCStart_2);
  • It's easy when you've nowhere else to go! (_Conversation_1_NPCStart_3);
  • Has a dog named Bigsby stopped by here? (_Conversation_1_Team_1);

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