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Vault 114
Fo4 Vault 114 Main Door.png
Map MarkerVault 114
FactionsVault-Tec Corporation (formerly)
Triggermen (led by Skinny Malone)
Connects toPark Street station
QuestsUnlikely Valentine
Cell NameVault11402
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TerminalsVault 114 terminals:
Vault-Tec Terminal
Door Terminal
Check In Terminal

Vault 114 is one of the Vaults constructed by the Vault-Tec Corporation. It is located in Boston, Massachusetts.


Before the war, Vault-Tec Industries began construction of Vault 114 inside Boston's Park Street subway station as a cost cutting measure. However, the project was never completed, due to Vault-Tec contracting out the construction. Those entrusted to complete this facility would never finish the job, embezzling funds. This corrupt boondoggle matters little to the gangsters who have taken up residence inside the facility centuries after the Great War, as it is complete just enough.[1][2]

The purpose of the Vault, officially, was to provide safe shelter for the creme de la creme of Boston's society, assured that they would ride out the nuclear devastation in luxury. However, the truth was the opposite - Vault-Tec set up an experiment where 120 formerly affluent residents[3] would be placed in conditions typical of poor housing (multiple families per room, lack of amenities, etc.), with an anti-authority Overseer chosen from the public. All in order to study human reaction to stress.[4][5][6][7]

The Vault was never used and remained in its incomplete condition until the 23rd century. It is a mystery what happened to the vaults previous inhabitants, but when a band of small time crooks from Goodneighbor were muscled out of the old neighborhood by bigger players, Skinny Malone's band of Triggermen claimed it as their own. Although this is a perfect hideout for the band of criminals,[8] they were finally undone when the gang held Nick Valentine hostage, and were subsequently slaughtered during his rescue.[9]

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Accessed through the tunnels of Park Station, the Vault is located northwest of the tracks. Once the door is opened, progress straight ahead is impeded by a door that requires a key, forcing one through the door to the northwest. The subsequent hallway descends further into the vault; it leads to a storeroom connected to a long hallway which terminates at a cave dominated with catwalks.

The catwalks of this cave wrap around and return back into the vault. The only way to proceed is to jump down a two story hole into a small server room; continuing down the adjacent hallway leads to Vault 114 proper. The subsequent hallway leads to the Vault's atrium, separated into three tiers. A staircase in the southwest corner of the second tier ascends to the third, which hosts the overseer's office and the imprisoned Nick Valentine, and a door in the southeast corner descends to the first tier.

On the west end of the atrium's first level leads to the Vault's communal showers and lavatory. An adjacent stairwell ascends to the residential quarters, including the laundry and cafeteria; beyond it are more stairs leading up to the Vault's nursery, Advanced-locked depot (which contains a Master-locked safe), and finally the exit, which brings one back to the Vault's entrance in Park Street station.



Pre-War potential residents


Notable loot

Related quests


  • Once the player gets out of the Vault, it will be marked on the map as a fast-travel point. It will be a manhole which leads directly into the Vault.


Vault 114 appears only in Fallout 4.



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    "Hard and loud, huh? Well, it gets the job done. Too bad for whoever cleans up the floors..."
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Vault 114