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Vault 112
Fo3 Vault 112 Main Door.jpg
Icon vault.png
Vault 112 is reached through Smith Casey's Garage
Map MarkerSmith Casey's Garage
LeadersStanislaus Braun
Connects toSmith Casey's Garage
QuestsScientific Pursuits
Tranquility Lane
Cell NameVault112a (entrance)
Vault112ExteriorNEW (SC entr.)
ref id0001852c (entrance)
00000b69 (SC entr.)
TerminalsVault 112 terminals

Vault 112 is one of the Vaults constructed by the Vault-Tec Corporation in the Capital Wasteland. It is located underneath Smith Casey's Garage, west of Evergreen Mills and south of the Charnel house.


The entrance to Vault 112 is inside Smith Casey's Garage, and is infested with mole rats and radroaches. After proceeding past the counter into the workshop, there is a large hatch in the ground just to the left which can be opened by activating a switch on the wall beside the hatch. Below is a short basement passage which leads up to the Vault 112 door.


Vault 112 was one of the last vaults to be constructed. The construction started in November 2068, and finished in June 2074. It was designed to accommodate only 85 occupants, who would be suspended in a virtual reality world for the indefinite duration of the vault's experiment. The simulator was designed by Dr. Stanislaus Braun, inventor of the Garden of Eden Creation Kit, and initially contained several simulated utopias. The system should have permitted a select few to live a 'perfect life' virtually, if not practically, forever.

What Vault 112's occupants didn't know was that once they entered the virtual reality pods, Braun would exercise complete control over the simulation; they had no means of leaving on their own. They became his playthings, completely at his mercy. Dr. Braun, after becoming bored of various simulated worlds, would proceed to virtually "kill" each one of them. When he finished "killing" the vault's population, he would wipe their memory, resurrect them within the next simulation, and hunt them down yet again.

Official Vault-Tec Info (from Computer at the Citadel)
Vault number 112
Started Construction November 2068
Ended Construction June 2074


Duration Indefinitely
Computer System Think Machine 3600r
Primary Power Supply Sure Power Geo-Thermal
Secondary Power Supply X-Tra Sure Power Geo-Thermal
Non-Standard Equipment 12 147c Robots, Caretaker variation
85 Stasis Pods
List of liquid nutrients detailed in memo #943-B2


Vault 112 houses an entrance area similar to all other vaults, which serves as the airlock and the only connection to the outside world. A single passage in the entryway leads down to the main hall. In it are twelve tranquility loungers plugged in and arranged around a large Think Machine mainframe, each connected to a terminal which monitors the respective conditions of the "subjects" inside the loungers. There is also another tranquility lounger, found in the Overseer's Office, located south of the main hall. The only medical unit of the vault is accessed east of the main hall (where the loungers are).

Because all human inhabitants in Vault 112 are in tranquility loungers, the vault is maintained by a group of special caretaker robobrains. The robobrains are non-hostile (even if attacked), and also lack combat inhibitors. (When the Lone Wanderer enters the vault, a robobrain notes that their arrival is "202.3 years behind schedule".) Due to the indefinite duration of the Vault 112 experiment, the vault, quite sensibly, uses geothermal power exclusively. This is provided by a Sure Power geothermal unit and backed up by an X-Tra Sure Power geothermal unit. The geothermal turbine level cannot be accessed. A Think Machine 3600r mainframe is housed in the main hall. As well as performing the functions of a normal vault computer system, it functions as the simulation control computer, running the main simulation program and synchronizing the tranquility loungers. It appears linked to several smaller computers, one handling each lounger's graphics processing and its occupant's medical status.

Vault 112 and Vault 101 are the only intact vaults in the Capital Wasteland, and 112 is the only wasteland vault that has remained completely untouched by radiation and mutated creatures. The outcome of its experiment is ambiguous. If Braun intended the simulator merely to satisfy his sadistic urges when he designed it, then it fulfilled its purpose completely. If, on the other hand, he sincerely intended to create a virtual haven for the residents to live eternally, then the fact that his godlike position subsequently drove him insane and made the other residents' existence an eternal hell would mean that the experiment was a failure. By the latter standard, 112 is arguably one of the ghastliest, abject failures of all the vaults.

Notable loot

With a skill of 75 in Science, the player character can hack the terminal to the east of the tranquility loungers. This will grant the player access to the equipment room, where the player can obtain a holotape with the password to the overseer's office. The following medical supplies and some ammunition can be recovered from the equipment room:

There is also a first aid box on one of the tables.


  • Vault 112 is the only vault in Fallout 3 that is completely unaffected by radiation or hostile mutated creatures.
  • It is possible to stumble on Smith Casey's Garage and subsequently find Vault 112 long before the game has indicated to go there as part of Scientific Pursuits. In fact, the player can find it as early as just after finishing Escape!, subsequently skipping Following in His Footsteps and Galaxy News Radio entirely, similar to the possibilities in previous games. If the player walks completely into the vault and triggers the initial dialogue with the robobrain about how they are 202.3 years late for their entrance into the vault, the game will automatically begin Scientific Pursuits whether the player wants to or not. Dialogue from this point forward will reflect the new position in the plot.
  • It is possible to lock oneself into Dr. Braun's office.
  • Only ten of the thirteen tranquility loungers in the main hall are actually in use by official inhabitants. One is broken down, another is used by the Lone Wanderer, and the last is used by the Lone Wanderer's dad.
  • The lounger monitors in the main hall can be activated. Some of them display information that reflects the subjects' mental state. Old Lady Dithers' monitor, for examples, shows "inconsistent readings" and "anomalies", reflecting the fact that despite Braun's mind wipes, she remembers that she's trapped in a simulation.
  • Attacking the vault's robobrains will not make them hostile, but killing them will grant negative karma.
    • Killing one will cause the other two to become unconscious.
  • Vault 112 does not reset itself, meaning that a player can use it as housing.
  • The map in the Citadel which shows all DC area vaults (and is based on Vault-Tec's own records) doesn't show Vault 112. Likewise, the vault listing in Vault-Tec's own mainframe at the Vault-Tec Headquarters does not mark it on your map.
  • By dropping the Vault 112 jumpsuit and then talking to the robobrain, the player can procure an unlimited number of the uniforms.
  • In one of Doctor Pinkerton's journals in his terminal it says that he stole a memory chip from this vault.[1]
  • Though the robobrains insist they will only allow someone to sit in the tranquility lounger if they are wearing a Vault 112 jumpsuit, when your father comes to speak to you in Vault 112, he is still wearing his own Vault 101 suit.
  • After completing the quest, and when your father has left, the monitor in front of the tranquility lounger he occupied still displays his information.
  • If you run through the fail safe quickly, you can catch Dogmeat still in the vault hallways before he goes back to Vault 101, if you told him to wait there for you.
  • The code for the fail safe (in the abandoned house) is: broken radio, glass pitcher, garden gnome, glass pitcher, cinder block, garden gnome, empty bottle. The tones made by activating these items in the correct order make up part of the Tranquility Lane song that plays while you're there.
  • Followers are sometimes in a dark corner over by James' lounger and they will need to be told to stop waiting.


Vault 112 appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

  • Judging by the concept art, Vault 112 was originally supposed to be disguised beneath a devastated, buried bowling saloon called "Tranquility Lanes".[2]


  • PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Before entering the Vault it is recommended to instruct your followers to wait inside Smith Casey's Garage and save the game, because it's possible that one (or more?) of the followers (e.g. Charon) may disappear after leaving Vault 112 or the Tranquility Lane simulation. If the companions enter the Vault with the Lone Wanderer, they may automatically be fired. It may take a long time for them to reappear.