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The Vault - Fallout Wiki
The Vault - Fallout Wiki
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Vault 101 security
LeadershipSecurity Chief Paul Hannon Sr.
FoundedVault 101 Overseer
Notable MembersOfficer Armstrong
Officer Herman Gomez
Officer John Kendall
Officer O'Brian
Officer Park
Officer Richards
Officer Taylor
Officer Wilkins
Officer Wolfe
Notable LocationsVault 101
Relations and associations
Related EntitiesEscape!
Trouble on the Homefront

The Vault 101 Security is a department in Vault 101. This department enforces the Overseer's law in the Vault. Officers in the department are selected by the Overseer for their discretion and loyalty. They are the only residents with authorization for carrying firearms, besides the Overseer. Vault Security has an office located in the upper level.

The standard accouterments of a security officer is armor worn over an utility jumpsuit, helmet, and boots. As with all vault residents, officers have Pip-Boy 3000s. A few officers don't wear helmets. The officers can carry either N99 10mm pistols or police batons.

The Overseer commands the security force with the chief of security acting as his representative in his absence. Most of the officers obey the Overseer without question and have no qualms in injuring or killing residents during a crisis.



They are on par with a mid-level raider in terms of durability.

During the Escape! quest, There will be a sequence where Officer John Kendall is attacked by radroaches, and will appear as "Friendly" when targeted, but after killing the roaches, will become hostile.


  • If you get through the quest, "Escape!" without killing security guards, you can interact with them upon your return to Vault 101.


The Vault 101 security appears only in Fallout 3.

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