Vault-Tec security procedures

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Vault-Tec Security Procedures
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QuestsAgatha's Song
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Vault-Tec Security Procedures is a holodisk in Fallout 3.


This holodisk is added to the Lone Wanderer's Pip-Boy 3000 after reading the Message 009AC Security Notice on any of the three System Operation terminals. Located in the mainframe room of the Administration section of the Vault-Tec headquarters building.



Due to repeated attempts to obtain protected Vault-Tec information, the following security procedures have now been instituted:

1. Shutdown of the VTMB01 Masterbrain requires authorization from all three System Operator terminals.

2. All materials of a sensitive nature have been removed from external terminals and access to the Mainframe Room requires authorization from all three System Operator terminals.

3. All mechanized security is now being handled by the VTMB01 Masterbrain via security uplink. Please do not tamper with this unit without an authorized Service Technician present.