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Vault-Tec regional HQ
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Map MarkerVault-Tec Regional HQ
FactionsVault-Tec Corporation (formerly)
Cell NameVaultTecOfficeExt01
VaultTecOffice01 (interior)
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0001b0f7 (interior)
TerminalsVault-Tec regional HQ terminals:
Mr. Davidson's Terminal
Dr. Reid's Terminal
Walter Scott's Terminal

Welcome to Vault-Tec! Our regional representatives are pleased to assist you in all manner of vault-related requests and questions. Please use the main entrance or the basement door (Expert). Please note the views of Martin Reid do not reflect the values of Vault-Tec Corporation.

Additional Note: Due to the unwanted deposit of a Mini Nuke, the restrooms are currently out of order.

Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Collector's Edition p.462

Vault-Tec regional HQ was once a headquarters for Vault-Tec Corporation in Boston, and is now a landmark in the Beacon Hill neighborhood.


The troubles of this facility started only a few months before the Great War. On September 29, 2077, Martin Reid began to uncover that not all was right with his employers. Spotting several odd shipments to the vaults under their purview,[1] he immediately took his discovery to his boss, Frank Davidson, who noted in his personal log two days later that the company wouldn't do anything of the sort.[2] Then on October 7, he received word from Walter Scott that a shipment for Vault 111 was in the basement marked "Vault 111 - DO NOT OPEN". When he opened the shipment he discovered hundreds of gallons of liquid nitrogen. The shock from this obvious clue that all was not right at the company is what caused him to put in his two weeks notice on October 22.

What is more is that Frank Davidson was a complete sociopath, once breaking a pool cue over Roger's head because he stood too close to the table when Mr. Davidson was taking his shot.[3] In his personal log he notes that when Sharon accidentally spilled coffee on his shirt (on October 13) he had a burning desire to stab her in the throat with his pen.[4] We would eventually fulfill his murder fantasy on the 17th,[5] and wrote that he had the same desire to "discipline" Mr. Reid for continually bringing up his vault theory on the 19th.[6]


The entrance opens to a reception desk, with a staircase to the south that leads up the third floor; an elevator is also beside the staircase, and leads down to the basement. There are a few offices to the north, as well as a kitchen with a busted collapsed floor that leads up to the second floor, which hosts several more offices and a conference room. The south end of the second floor has a staircase leading up to the third floor, which holds the executive offices and more conference rooms. The basement of the facility is a mere store room, with a door to the south leading out to Beacon Hill.

Notable loot

  • A mini nuke is in the toilet within the washroom in the basement.


  • There is a skeleton with a pen hidden underneath boxes in the corner, behind the overturned shelving - which implies to be the covered up murder of Sharon.


Vault-Tec regional HQ appears only in Fallout 4.