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Vault-Tec headquarters
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Fo3 Vault Tec HQ Foyer.png
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Vault-Tec Headquarters loc.jpg
Map MarkerVault-Tec Headquarters
Part ofVernon Square
metro exitsMetro Junction
QuestsAgatha's Song
Cell NameVaultTecHQ01 (guest relations)
VaultTecHQ02 (corporate off.)
VaultTecHQ03 (administration)
ref id00017f31 (guest relations)
00017f30 (corporate off.)
00017f2f (administration)
TerminalsVault-Tec headquarters terminals:
System Operation 1
System Operation 2
System Operation 3
Vault-Tec Employee Terminal
Vault-Tec Mainframe

The Vault-Tec headquarters building is located in Vernon Square of the Washington, D.C. ruins.


This modern building housed the corporate headquarters of the Vault-Tec Corporation before the Great War.[1] Though abandoned in the wake of the nuclear holocaust, the building remains heavily protected by a fleet of security robotics, including automated turrets, Protectrons, sentry bots, robobrains, and Mister Gutsies, coordinated by a single Masterbrain.

Deep within the heart of the building is Vault-Tec's mainframe, containing the coordinates of Vaults 87, 92, 101, 106, and 108. Super mutants have been trying to breach the building without much success, kept at bay by robotics.


Guest relations

The first area is devoted to guest relations, with a copy of Vault 101's entrance door suspended above the reception desk. The area has several super mutants and a robot upstairs. To enter the corporate offices, ascend the steps from the foyer, cross the balcony, and enter the eastern double doors. To bypass the Corporate offices and enter the Administrative stairwell, ascend the broken stairs and jump to the balcony.

Corporate offices

The primary work area of the headquarters building, filled with wrecked offices. The dilapidated state of this two-floor section of the building is evidenced by the caved-in upper floor. The cubicles contain personal effects and employee terminals, with robots patrolling the entire zone. To staircase on the southern end of the upper floor exits to the administration floor.

Although the terminals can be used to order Vault-Tec merchandise, deducting the cost from an employee's salary, the items do not exist in the game and cannot be obtained.

Vault-Tec administration

The administration floor is built around the central mainframe, divided into two floors. The lower floor contains the exit to corporate offices and System Operation Station 3 at the north end, near the maintenance access to the mainframe. The upper floor contains a long, winding hallway with adjacent offices, storage, and maintenance rooms (together with SysOp Stations 1 and 2 at the north and south face respectively), which terminates in the Vault-Tec executive office (with a Grognak the Barbarian issue left behind by the CEO). Through the executive reception area lies the primary access hall leading to the mainframe. The door to the mainframe is sealed unless all three SysOp stations authorize access.

Notable loot

Guest relations

  • Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor: On a table, up the broken stairs on the right, near the cafeteria. Although intended to be only obtainable once you return from the Administration area, you can reach it by jumping up the de book on a table up the broken stairs on the right side of the room, in the cafeteria area. It is meant to only be accessible when you go down from Administrations again. However, it can be reached by jumping from the collapsed staircase. Two Vault-Tec lunchboxes are also nearby.
  • 2 Sugar Bombs: Near the coffee bar and in the cafeteria.

Corporate offices

  • Scoped .44 magnum: In the women's bathroom on the lower floor.
  • Pre-War book: On a garbage can in the northwestern office, lower floor.
  • 1 Nuka-Cola Quantum: Northwestern office on the upper floor, on the bottom shelf of a book case.
  • Big Book of Science: Northeastern office on the upper floor, the book is on the shelf above the hole in the floor. Shooting it down may be easier than trying to jump onto scenery to reach it.
  • Stealth Boy: Inside the closet of the northwestern office on the upper floor. You can access it by navigating the edge of the floor.


Related quests


  • PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Finishing Agatha's quest may cause the mainframe door script to fail, making access from the upper floor impossible. The terminal can be interacted with by jumping up the pipe in the southeast corner of the room and then onto the large computer to the south. Jumping while looking up should display the interaction prompt. PC players can simply unlock the door using console commands.
  • PCIcon pc.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Killing the Masterbrain may not trigger the system shutdown, due to a faulty script. Alternatively, initiating a shut-down after killing robots may cause them to respawn with a single hit point, allowing the player to wipe them out again.


The Vault-Tec headquarters appears only in Fallout 3.


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