Vault-Tec Calling

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Vault-Tec Calling
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Quest data
LocationVault 88
Given ByAutomatic
RewardAccess to Vault 88
Editor IDDLC06MQ01
Base IDxx0043e5
Related quests
leads to:
Better Living Underground

Vault-Tec Calling is a quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Vault-Tec Workshop.


A mysterious radio beacon appeared in the Commonwealth, calling for all Vault-Tec employees to investigate a distress signal at Vault 88. The Sole Survivor doesn't know better than to investigate...


  1. Travel to Quincy quarries (now a Vault marker).
  2. Enter the red door at the bottom of the excavation pit, then the digged-out passage.
  3. Kill all the raiders trying to open the Vault door.
  4. Open the Vault door.

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