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This page lists all bobbleheads in Fallout 4.
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  • For bobbleheads in other Fallout games, please see "Bobblehead".
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Bobbleheads return in Fallout 4, providing special permanent bonuses upon pickup.

List of bobbleheads


Name Image Location Placement Effect Reference ID
Strength Bobblehead Fo4 MF Bob Loc.png Mass Fusion Building On top of the statue in the lobby. +1 Strength 00180A2D
Perception Bobblehead Fo4 Per Bob Loc.png Museum of Freedom On the desk, inside the room with the refugees. +1 Perception 00180A2F
Endurance Bobblehead Fo4 U Bob Loc.png Poseidon Energy On the desk in Cutty's room. +1 Endurance 00180A33
Charisma Bobblehead Fo4 C Bob Loc.png Parsons State Insane Asylum On the desk in the chief office. +1 Charisma 00180A1B
Intelligence Bobblehead Fo4 In Bob Loc.png Boston Public Library On the desk inside the control room, near Curator Givens' body. +1 Intelligence 00180A17
Agility Bobblehead Fo4 Ag Bob Loc.png Wreck of the FMS Northern Star Precariously perched on a ledge protruding from the ship's bow. +1 Agility 00180A42
Luck Bobblehead Fo4 Lu Bob Loc.png Spectacle Island In a locker, inside the green tugboat beached at the southern end of the island. +1 Luck 00180A38


Name Image Location Placement Effect Reference ID
Barter Bobblehead Fo4 Bar Bob Loc.png Longneck Lukowski's Cannery On the desk inside the control room overlooking the radstag meat conveyor belt. Prices are 5% better, permanently. 00180A2C
Big Guns Bobblehead Fo4 BG Bob Loc.png Vault 95 On the radio in the northernmost room of the living quarters. +25% critical damage with heavy weapons 00180A3F
Energy Weapons Bobblehead Fo4 EW Bob Location.png Fort Hagen Command Center On the table next to the fridge, in the basement cafeteria kitchen. +25% critical damage with energy weapons 00180A27
Explosive Bobblehead Fo4 Sag Bob Loc.png Saugus blast furnace On the blast furnace, perched on the upper status box. +15% damage with explosives 00180A35
Lock Picking Bobblehead Fo4 RR Bob Loc.png Pickman Gallery On the floor, next to a burning trash can near the North End exit. Lockpicking is easier. 00180A32
Medicine Bobblehead Fo4 Med Bob Loc.png Secret Vault 81 On the desk in the room near the elevator. +10% stimpak healing efficiency 00180A28
Melee Bobblehead Fo4 Mel Bob Loc.png Trinity Tower At the top, on the desk inside the room with Rex Goodman and Strong. +25% melee damage 00180A43
Repair Bobblehead Fo4 Repair Location.png Corvega Assembly Plant On a stack at the uppermost gantry on the outside of the plant, near the gas storage. +10% fusion core duration 00180A19
Science Bobblehead Fo4 Sci Bob Loc.png Vault 75 On the desk, in the office overlooking the cave with ruins. One extra guess when hacking. 00180A3D
Small Guns Bobblehead Fo4 SG Bob Loc.png Gunners Plaza On the desk inside the recording studio. +25% damage with ballistic weapons 00180A1F
Sneak Bobblehead Fo4 Sneak Bob Loc.png Dunwich Borers On the small desk in the excavation tunnels, near the terminal. Permanent 10% bonus to stealth (harder to detect) 00180A1D
Speech Bobblehead Fo4 Spe Bob Loc.png Vault 114 On the desk in the Overseer's office. Every trader has 100 more caps available for bartering. 00180A3B
Unarmed Bobblehead Fo4 Un Bob Loc.png Atom Cats Garage Used as a hood ornament on the car in the garage. +25% critical damage with unarmed attacks. 00180A23

Bobbleheads in Fallout 4