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Vault-Tec: Among the Stars
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Map MarkerVault-Tec: Among the Stars
FactionsVault-Tec Corporation (defunct)
Nuka-Cola Corporation (defunct)
QuestsStar Control
Trip to the Stars
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TerminalsExperiment 004 Observation Terminal
Experiment 002 Observation Terminal
Project Lead Terminal
Operations Terminal
Vault-Tec Sales Terminal

Vault-Tec: Among the Stars is a location in the Galactic Zone park of Nuka-World.


The expansive Vault-Tec Corporation Vault at the Galactic Zone is a marvel of engineering, showcasing how Vault technology can be adapted and used in extraterrestrial environments. The subterranean outpost shows how RobCo robotics and the construction talents of Vault-Tec come together to make colonization of other planets a possibility.[1]

The exhibit showcases the proposed colony of Arcturus One in the year 2291. Built on a desolate moon bathed by the brutal radiation of a sun, it is a hostile environment where life is impossible on the surface. But below, humanity can thrive. With Vault-Tec's construction methods, new colonies could be set up in a matter of weeks on extraterrestrial planets. Their denizens would be able to enjoy a comfortable, Earth-like level of life in spacious underground installations, provided with food and water from hydroponic farms, while advanced in material sciences would allow them to have plentiful supplies for any occasion.[1]

The goal? Hundreds of colonies across the stars...[1]

The ugly truth

As usual, Vault-Tec decided to kill two birds with one stone. Rather than simply showcase its products and gain a good reputation for their quality, the corporation decided to conduct an experiment within the exhibit. With thousands of visitors, there was no risk of exposure, allowing for plenty of experiments to be undertaken. The one chosen here was mind control: using subliminal messages to affect people visiting the place. Color-coded holotapes were provided to researchers, from mild Blue, through hard Orange, to brutal Red, to subtly manipulate people.

The experiment was a resounding success, as the holotapes combined with Theta radiation were incredibly effective... too effective, in fact, as researcher Grunner found himself on the receiving end of an experiment. By October 2077, he was suffering from paranoia, manifested by locking himself in the control room in an attempt to survive. The Great War was a punctuation mark at the end of his life, as the confused researcher ended shooting his colleague and then himself.


The area is built like a long Vault/exhibit. When entering from the upper floor, one has to navigate through the entire area, fighting robots along the way. However, if entering from the ground level, they enter through the exhibits exit and can access the staff area and control room by simply picking the Expert lock on the door opposite the entrance.

Otherwise, head upstairs via the nearby elevators and take the tour. Note that the radiation is still piped in, meaning you'll have to weather a lot of the side effects of the experiment, frequently during combat.

Past the first diorama of Arcturus Prime is the entrance of the vault which transitions into the common area display. Further on is the vaults living quarters; off to the side through an Expert-locked door is the project lead's office. Continuing with the tour passes the hydroponic gardens and further on is a "laboratory" with two chemistry stations. Along the way, there is an Advanced-locked door into a planetary diorama with a duffle bag toward the back of the room. Otherwise, the tour terminates shortly thereafter.

From here, one can access the control center; to the east is the Master-locked control room which contains a steamer chest, as well as a locker room that leads to the atrium exposition. Straight ahead to the south is an entrance to the living quarter exposition.

Notable loot

  • There are five spacesuit costumes found on mannequins throughout the tour. Another is hidden in the room behind the first exposition.
  • Six star cores can be found: three are in the Master-locked control room; one is in the service room behind the first exposition (with the robots on the surface); one in the room adjoining the planet display; the last one is in the project lead's room (accessible through the Expert-locked door in the living quarters exhibit).
  • The Vault-Tec: Among the Stars Medallion is dispensed from the machine beside the vault-door entrance.
  • The Nuka-Cooler recipe is found just north of the ground floor entrance; it rests on a magazine display shelf.
  • There is a fusion core and Nuka-Cola Quantum in the project lead's room.
  • The Vault-Tec control room key is in the project lead's room.
  • The Vault-Tec observation lab key is on a towel in a locker in the employee locker room.


Vault-Tec: Among the Stars appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


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    Arcturus Prime, a frontier colony in the year 2291.
    Baked by the unrelenting sun, life on the surface of this remote, desolate world is all but impossible.
    But life is possible... underground. Welcome to Vault-Tec's Colony Arcturus. Welcome Home.
    With Vault-Tec's modular construction techniques, new colonies can be established on almost any world in a matter of weeks.
    And these are no dark bunkers. Your colony will feature beautiful, expansive common areas, where you can relax in an Earth-like setting.
    Step into your spacious private suite, equipped with all the comforts of home.
    Enjoy a rich, varied diet, locally-sourced from your colony's own hydroponic gardens. Just smell the freshness!
    And with Vault-Tec's cutting-edge science and technology, you can rest assured that your colony will have the resources to face any challenge.
    A thrilling new adventure awaits. Imagine hundreds of colonies, spread throughout the galaxy... and beyond.
    Imagine a future Among the Stars. Imagine... Vault-Tec.
    For more information, or to sign up for the Vault program, please see a sales associate. Thank you, and enjoy your day here at Nuka-World."
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