Variable Removal

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Variable Removal
Fo4 PAM.png
Quest data
LocationRailroad HQ
Given ByP.A.M.
Editor IDRRR07
Base ID00186c79

Variable Removal is a quest in Fallout 4.


Following the battle of Bunker Hill, Railroad assets began reporting an increased number of Coursers operating in the field, seeking to root out Railroad operatives. The only possible response is to eliminate them. Desdemona authorizes the Sole Survivor to hit the Institute, as PAM estimates the chance of the Survivor's cover being compromised at just 1.3% - an acceptable trade off in return for eliminating an elite Institute operative.


  • This is a simple hit job. You are provided with a target location (which can include certain DLC locations, such as Vault-Tec: Among the Stars). Travel there and kill every Institute synth with extreme prejudice.
  • Return to PAM to collect your reward.

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