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This page lists all traits in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios.
  • The content is not described in full detail on this page. For details, please see the respective articles.
  • For traits in other Fallout games, please see "Trait".
  • For an overview of Van Buren content, please refer to "Portal:Van Buren".

General information

Traits would have modified different aspects of gameplay, including (but not limited to): Primary statistics, derived statistics and skills. Traits would always have had both positive and negative results.

One would have been able to choose up to two traits when designing a character (or none at all).

List of traits

Trait Benefit Penalty
Bruiser Damage with melee and unarmed attacks are increased by 20% Action Point costs for melee and unarmed attacks are increased by 1
Chem Reliant Faster loss of Chem side effects Double chance of Addiction
Clean Living 50% less chance of chem Addiction effects last on 50% as long
Fast Shot [Action Point] costs for firearms and thrown weapons attacks are decreased by 1 Cannot make targeted attacks with firearms and thrown weapons
Feral Kid Throwing range = Strength x 4 in place of Strength x 3, and you move 20% faster on the world map Can take one fewer companion than normal
Finesse +10% chance on criticals -30% on Damage
Gifted 5 extra points on stats -10% on all skills, -5 skill points each level
NCR Background Find NCR caches and get extra background info
Good Natured +10 on Medic, Persuasion and Science -4 on Combat Sequence
Increased Metabolism +2 Healing Rate Radiation Resistance and Poison Resistance start at 0%
Kamikaze +4 to Combat Sequence -10 on Evasion
Night Person +10% to all skill checks at night -10% to all skill checks in daytime
One Hander +10% chance to hit with one-handed weapons in Hand 1 -10% to hit with two-handed weapons and weapons in Hand 2
One In a Million When you score a critical hit, the percentage is rolled again at 5 times the base chance. If it's successful, the strike is bumbed up by 30 points. When you roll a critical fail, the percentage is rolled again at 5 times the base chance. If it's successful, the strike is bumbed up by 30 points.
Red Scare +2 Perception for the purposes of sight range. -5 penalty to hit.
Skilled Additional Tag skill -5 skill points each level
Small Frame +10 to Evasion -50 to Carry Weight

Removed traits

The following traits were to be removed in comparison to previous games:

Traits in Van Buren