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Value is the standard amount of bottle caps any Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas item, Fallout 4 item, and Fallout 76 item is worth.


Main article: Item condition

An item's value can be directly affected by lowering/increasing the item's condition.

Actions that lower item condition varies:

  • For weapons: actively using a gun or melee weapon will lower its condition gradually. In V.A.T.S., weapons can be specifically targeted and damaged. If broken, the weapon cannot be equipped, and its value becomes zero.
  • For armor: actively sustaining blows while wearing armor will lower its condition. This type of damage is body part sensitive: a hit head will lower the value of hats and helmets, while a hit torso or limbs will damage body armor and clothing. If broken, the piece of armor cannot be equipped, and its value becomes zero.


Main article: Barter

An item value can be indirectly affected by increasing one's barter skill. In game terms: what barter does is not to increase/decrease value as such, but instead to influence price levels by lowering buying percentage, as well as increasing selling percentage. The following formula may be used to declare selling percentage:

Initial Level (Fallout 3): 2 + (Charisma x 2) + (Luck/2).
Item Sell Value Percent (Fallout 3): 45 + ( Barter x 0.45 ).
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Statistic: Charisma
  • Note: %Price rounded to nearest whole number
Score %Price
0 45
5 47
10 50
15 52
20 54
25 56
30 59
35 61
40 63
45 65
50 68
55 70
60 72
65 74
70 77
75 79
80 81
85 83
90 86
95 88
100 90

Master Trader perk

Main article: Master Trader

Like Barter in general, the Master Trader perk can also be indirectly used to increase the amount of bottle caps one gains from items, even while not influencing value directly.

Perk Required Level Additional Requirements
Master Trader 60 14 Charisma 6