VAPL-58 power station

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VAPL-58 power station
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Map MarkerVAPL-58 Power Station
Cell NamePS04 (exterior)
zPS04Interior (power ss)
ref id0000100c (exterior)
0002d743 (power ss)

The VAPL-58 power station is a power routing station, located south-southwest of Arefu and north of Fort Bannister.


An abandoned pre-War power substation, VAPL-58 has not been sacked by scavengers or travelers. Though the elements claimed some of the equipment, it's still in good shape and contains plenty of loot. A ladder just left of the entry door leads to the roof of the station, giving a decent vantage point for sharpshooters.

Notable loot



  • PCIcon pc.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png A dead mercenary is supposed to lie on the carpet with the bloodstain. However, the game erroneously spawns the body below the floor, making it inaccessible.


The VAPL-58 power station appears only in Fallout 3.