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Gamebro character Infobox project

;Gamebro Character Infobox Note: "hair color", "eye color", "hairstyle", "head add ons", and height" are all expandable under "Physical Traits" via the [show] button.
"aggression", "confidence", and "assistance" are all expandable under "Behavior" via the [show] button.
"factions", "class", "combat style", and "GECK race" are all expandable under "Technical" via the [show] button.

{{Infobox character
|name           =
|subtitle       =
|image          =
|race           =
|gender         =
|-Physical Traits
|hair color     =
|eye color      =
|hairstyle      =
|head add ons   =
|height         =
|affiliation    =
|role           =
|rank           =
|location       =
|family         =
|games          =
|quests         =
|alignment      =
|special        =
|derived        =
|tag skills     =
|level          =
|actor          =
|baseid         =
|refid          =
|dialogue       =
|aggression     =
|confidence     =
|assistance     =
|factions       =
|class          =
|combat style   =
|GECK race      =

Terminal entries project

The G.E.C.K. (editor) treats the terminal entries just like the Holodisks and notes, I think...

Artwork description template


RAW Page Standardization Project

Holodisks, Notes, Terminal entries, Message files, Terminal headers and closers

  • Format needed!
  • Content check needed!