Unsolved: Best of Intentions

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Unsolved: Best of Intentions
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Quest data
LocationThomas farm
Given ByVan Lowe Taxidermy conspiracy board notes
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Unsolved: Best of Intentions is a quest in Fallout 76. It was introduced in Patch 8 in April as part of Wild Appalachia series of content.


A note in Van Lowe Taxidermy referred to sightings of unnatural white creatures near the Thomas farm. Maybe it's worth checking out?


  • Players have to head to the Thomas farm, an unmarked location east-northeast from Dent & Sons Construction and check the place out. There are five clues in total:
    • Relocation Note: Nailed by the doorframe of the ruined house.
    • Veterinary Diagnosis Sheet: Inside the ruined house, on the coffee table.
    • Green chemical barrels inside the red barn, containing glyphosate for aerosol use (55 gallons per).
    • Glowing jar upstairs in the barn, marked Winston Cure #3 - for intravenous application.
    • Mr Thomas' terminal upstairs, specifically, the journal.
  • The terminal will contain an entry on aerosolizers. It reveals that Mr Thomas had a chemical testing kit he used to analyze the residue in his aerosolizer. The kit is on the kitchen counter in the ruined house, but on the way there, a horde of albino radstags appears. The next step is to simply use the chemical kit on the intake port at the bottom, then analyze it on the terminal upstairs in the barn.
  • The final piece of the puzzle is in an isolated cabin northwest of Kerwood Mine, where the Confession Note reveals the truth: Farmer Thomas had accidentally created the mutant albino creatures when, in an effort to cure his sick dog, he added his the dog's medication to the farm's aerosolizer.
  • Reading it completes the quest.