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United States Capitol
Fo3 Capitol.png
Icon monument.png
The Capitol view from the Mall
The Capitol Building loc.jpg
Map MarkerThe Capitol Building
Part ofThe Mall
Seward Square
metro exitsPresidential metro (Broken Steel)
Cell NameTheMallCapitol (exterior)
CapitolBuildingExterior (exterior)
CapitolBuilding01 (west entrance)
CapitolBuilding01b (east entrance)
CapitolBuilding02 (Hall of Columns)
CapitolBuilding04 (conference hall)
ref id0001f5e6 (exterior)
00000cd2 (exterior)
000236db (west entrance)
00095b7a (east entrance)
000236da (Hall of Columns)
000236d9 (conference hall)
TerminalsTurret Control System

The United States Capitol (referred to as the Capitol building in the game) housed the legislative branch of the federal government of the United States. Now abandoned, the derelict landmark is located in Washington, D.C., on top of Capitol Hill at the east end of the Capital Mall. The other side of the Capitol opens onto Seward Square.


The former seat of the United States Congress, the Capitol was originally designed by architect William Thornton and construction began in 1793. In 1850, the Capitol was expanded to accommodate the growing number of representatives from member states, doubling its size and creating the distinct shape of the building. It is also the center of Washington, DC, from which the four districts of the city are defined.

The War and two centuries have taken its toll on the building. While the outer shell remains more or less intact, the interior is devastated: many parts of the Capitol remain inaccessible, while those that are remain in a state of advanced devastation, even prized jewels of American architecture, such as the National Capitol rotunda or the Hall of Columns that runs across the north-south axis of the Capitol, beneath the ruined House of Representatives chapter.


The Capitol Building complex comprises four areas, two of which can be directly accessed from the Capital Wasteland. The "Capitol Building" entrance from the west, in The Mall, exits into the Capitol Building west entrance area. The Seward Square entrance from the east is one of two doors into the Capitol Building west entrance.

CB conference hall.jpg

Upon entering from the west, the other door into the Capitol Building east entrance is immediately ahead and to the right. The entrance to the third area, the Hall of Columns, is in almost exactly the same direction, east-southeast, but about six times further away, past the super mutant behemoth in the rotunda. At the end of the Hall of Columns are two stairwells; the door at the bottom of the second accesses the fourth area, the Conference Room.

A door in the northwest corner of Conference Room area leads back to a room one floor above the southeast corner of the west entrance area, but it is effectively a one-way passageway, as when the player goes through, the floor of the upstairs room caves in and crashes down to the room beneath. This also triggers a second battle between opposing forces in the rotunda (Talon Company and mutants, although these battles may differ by level).


CB rotunda.jpg

Inside the Capitol Rotunda, the Lone Wanderer will initiate a battle between the Talon Company and the super mutants. In the center of the rotunda is a super mutant behemoth. Several other mutants are also present, ranging from basic all the way to master. Two super mutant overlords are also present if the player has installed Broken Steel.

Notable loot

Capitol Building West entrance

Capitol Building East entrance

Conference Hall

  • Lying, Congressional Style appropriately stashed on a podium.

Hall of Columns

  • D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine on the upper level. A Talon Company sniper is stationed on a bridge, and the book is on a railing facing south. If it is not there it was knocked down in the fire fight (this is common) just reload or look for it on the floor below.
  • Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual behind a (hard) locked door accessed from a small hallway found near a turret and a locked turret control terminal in the middle of the hall on the west side.


  • When you fast travel from another location to the east entrance, an Enclave Vertibird will pass and carpet bomb everything in front of you with mini nukes. This has also been observed occurring immediately upon exiting the Capitol Building using the east entrance. Be warned not to rely on them though, because they tend not to do a very thorough job.
  • The super mutants in the area are most likely looking for more of the modified FEV virus, or the "green stuff". This can be heard by staying hidden and listening to their random conversations. This is probably the case with all super mutants in the mall, if not all of DC. The Talon Mercs are most likely there trying to secure pockets of downtown for themselves as can be gathered from the various Talon Company artillery notes.
  • If you have Broken Steel and want to get to Adams Air Force Base fast after doing the Who Dares Wins quest you can go in the east entrance and, with the door to your back, head right down the stairs.
  • Should you have the Broken Steel expansion pack, when you exit the Capitol Building, facing the Washington Monument and the trench networks, there will usually be a super mutant overlord patrolling the area, often on the steps to the left or right, (but sometimes to the right, just outside the door). As usual, it carries a tri-beam laser rifle in mid-condition and every so often, a mini nuke.


The Capitol Building appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

On May 8, 2007, Bethesda Softworks released a piece of Fallout 3 concept art by Craig Mullins depicting the Capitol after the Great War. This picture appeared then in an apparent terrorist threat, said to be shown in some Islamist forum as a real-life would-be scenario, according to media. Source:


  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png The super mutant behemoth can sometimes spawn inside the small room with the turret control computer next to the rotunda.
  • PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Although it may well be intended by the developers to prevent players using the behemoth's size to their advantage, the super mutant behemoth cannot be damaged from outside the rotunda room.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.pngThe behemoth can sometimes spawn dead, with the Talon Company mercs shooting at its dead body.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Even after you've killed the super mutants at the east entrance, exiting the Capitol Building onto Seward square, the Mutants will be standing but will immediately fall to the ground.