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This page lists all United States Armed Forces materiel and installations.


Location Name Branch Notes
Washington, D.C. National Guard Depot National Guard
Aircraft carrier Navy Derelict, beached after trying to exit the naval yard
Alaska Artillery overlook
Chugach Overlook Air Force station Air Force
Elmendorf Air Force Base Air Force
Fire Island Air Force Station Air Force
US Army Field Headquarters Army
Appalachia Camp McClintock Army
Sugar Grove Navy Black site used for surveillance and brainwashing
Missile Silo Alpha, Missile Silo Bravo, Missile Silo Charlie Automated nuclear silos
Whitespring Congressional Bunker Continuity of government facility, command center of Appalachian nuclear silos
Dyer Chemical Civilian facility commandeered for chemical warfare experiments
Radiation King Assembly Plant 12 Civilian facility commandeered for ordnance manufacture
Arizona Van BurenGametitle-VB.png Tibbets Prison
Yuma Proving Ground
California Lost Hills Security Bunker Claimed by the Brotherhood of Steel
Mariposa Military Base Army Black site used for human experiments
Sierra Army Depot VI Army Automated defense base; other facilities mothballed
Hopeville Ballistic Defense Station Air Force
Colorado Cheyenne Mountain/NORAD
Illinois Fallout TacticsGametitle-FOT.png Preoria facility
Fallout TacticsGametitle-FOT.png Bunker Alpha
Fallout TacticsGametitle-FOT.png Bunker Beta
Fallout TacticsGametitle-FOT.png Bunker Gamma
Kansas Fallout TacticsGametitle-FOT.png Kansas City silo complex
Maryland St. Aubin Medical Facility
Fort Constantine
Turtledove Detention Camp Concentration camp
Wheaton Armory
Massachusetts Coast Guard pier Coast Guard
Fort Hagen Army
Fort Strong Army T-51 proving grounds
National Guard training yard National Guard
Sentinel site Prescott Air Force Concealed nuclear missile silo complex
USAF satellite station Olivia Air Force
Mississippi An unnamed supply yard. In September 2077 the newly perfected M42 "Fat Man" Launcher is shipped out out of Fort Strong to an unnamed supply yard in Mississippi.[1]
Nevada Area 51
Hawthorne Army Depot
Helios One
Hidden Valley
McCarran International Airport Fortified before the Great War
Nellis Air Force base Air Force
New Mexico Van BurenGametitle-VB.png Los Alamos Nuclear Testing Facility
Oregon Forward Depot
Toxic waste storage facility
Texas Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2Gametitle-FOBOS2.png Fort Worth
Utah MacArthur Army Base Army
Spanish Fork National Guard armory National Guard
Virginia Adams Air Force Base Air Force
Fort Bannister
Fort Independence
Raven Rock Continuity of government facility