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Underworld Outfitters
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Cell NameUnderworldConcourse
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Welcome to Underworld Outfitters!

— Tulip

Underworld Outfitters is a shop on the ground floor of the ghoul city of Underworld.


Run by Tulip, the store has a variety of military surplus, ranging between armor, weapons and ammunition, and she also has a surprising amount of money (400 to 600 caps) making her a great shop for mid level characters. Tulip generally sells a large amount of surplus military gear, selling substantially more combat armor, 10mm pistols, and assault rifles than other shops.


The shop appears to be a renovated bathroom. Sinks and urinals line the walls. There is a front desk in the shop with shelves of merchandise behind it. A workbench is against the wall near the merchandise shelf. Opposite of the shelves next to the workbench is a bed that Tulip sleeps in.

Notable loot


Underworld Outfitters appears in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

  • The store's name could be a reference to the real life clothing store "Urban Outfitters".