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Underworld Fallout.jpg
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Entrance to Underworld inside the Museum of History
Museum of History loc.jpg
Part ofMuseum of History, The Mall
LeadersMayor Barrows[1]
DoctorsDoctor Barrows
MerchantsCarol's Place (food)
The Ninth Circle (drinks, chems)
Underworld Outfitters
QuestsYou Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head
Reilly's Rangers
The Wasteland Survival Guide
The Amazing Aqua Cura Broken SteelGametitle-FO3 BS.png
Hired Help
This Old House
Cell NameUnderworldConcourse
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TerminalsUnderworld terminals
Underworld localmap.jpg

Underworld is a settlement to the many ostracized non-feral ghouls of Washington, D.C. in 2277.


Underworld was founded circa 2230 out of the necessity for ghouls to live their lives.[2] Between the super mutants in the D.C. Ruins, other mutated creatures and bigoted humans, life out in the wastes was not particularly pleasant for ghouls, but as long as they stay in the Museum of History away from other settlements, the ghouls may live as people, not monsters.[3][4] Still, they do send patrols out into the D.C. neighborhoods to scavenge what is not already in the museum.[5]

It exists as a small city, complete with a bar, inn, clinic, clothing store, and even a self-proclaimed "hair stylist." Doctor Barrows is the mayor of Underworld. Because of the small nature of the town, his civic duties take a backseat.[1] Most humans are tolerated, as long as they do not cause trouble for residents.[6] Naturally, the Brotherhood of Steel are not welcome because of their hostility towards ghouls and tendency to shoot at them on sight.[7] The super mutants on the Mall ignore the ghouls for the most part, but raiders and slavers occasionally come into the city, although they're swiftly chased off by Charon and Cerberus.[8] The residents can often be found spending what little caps they have at Carol's Place or the Ninth Circle.[9]

The museum was featuring an exhibit on the concepts of Hell and the afterlife during the time before the Great War, as most of the remaining exhibits (including the name of that section of the Museum as well) are all themed as such.[10]



Outside of the Museum of American History, the player will be greeted by a ghoul named Willow, a self-proclaimed 'envoy to the wastes'. A Brotherhood of Steel outpost is located nearby, and several super mutants are present across the road.

Underworld is located inside Museum of American History. Griffon will set up his Aqua Cura scam outside if Take it Back! has been completed, but only with the Broken Steel add-on. The Lone Wanderer can reach the town by going through the double doors under the giant skull.


When you first enter, you'll be standing in front of the main hallway. Underworld Outfitters, a store run by Tulip, is in a room on the left side of the hallway, while Winthrop's office is opposite and a little farther from the entrance. The doors in the back lead to The Chop Shop, where Doctor Barrows works.

Heading up either set of stairs will take you to the overlook. The Ninth Circle is a bar run by a shady ghoul named Ahzrukhal and is on the left side from the main entrance. Carol's Place, where you can rent a room or grab a bite to eat, is located on the right from the main entrance. In the large room at the end of the overlook, Moira Brown will be selling miscellaneous items and asking you to continue with research for her survival guide (if you destroyed Megaton). Snowflake, the resident barber, will hound you for a haircut.



¹ Unconscious as long as the Reilly's Rangers quest isn't completed.
² If she survives Stealing Independence and is spoken to after completion.
³ If you destroy Megaton without killing her.
⁴ Can be found wandering around in front of the entrance to the Underworld in the room with the woolly mammoth. He must be freed from his prison cell during the Finding the Garden of Eden quest.

Related quests


  • Right before entering the doors to the Underworld Concourse, you're facing north. However, once you're actually inside, you're facing south.
  • If you decide to blow up Megaton, then Moira Brown will survive and come to live in Underworld, unless the Lone Wanderer has completed the Wasteland Survival Guide quest, in which case she will remain at Megaton Ruins.
    • If she dies on her way to Underworld, her locker (labeled Craterside Supplies) might become glitched into the wall outside the doors of the Ninth Circle. The Lone Wanderer will still need her key to open it.
  • If Lone Wanderer doesn't recruit Fawkes as a companion, he will appear here after the Lone Wanderer speaks to him outside Raven Rock.


Underworld appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

  • The large ruined painting on the second floor of the Concourse is "Dante and Virgil in Hell" by William-Adolphe Bouguereau.
  • Also relating to Dante and Virgil, the bar "Ninth Circle" is phrased after the travels of Dante and Virgil through the nine circles of hell.


Concept art by Adam Adamowicz


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