Uncle Sam

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Uncle Sam
Quest data
LocationSam Blackwell's bunker
  • Minor caps reward
  • Minor experience
  • Random ammo
  • Random aid item
Editor IDEN01_Misc
Base ID000649c5
Related quests
Belly of the Beast
leads to:
Bunker Buster

Uncle Sam is a quest in Fallout 76.


Sam Blackwell was one of the most notorious pre-War Senators, not for his evil deeds, but for the way he stood up for the common man and headed the Free States movement alongside Raleigh Clay. He was forced into hiding before the Great War, with only Quinn Carter of the Charleston Herald having the honor of interviewing him before the holocaust.


  • This miscellaneous quest fires when the player is either directed to find Sam Blackwell via Belly of the Beast and finding Lizzy Taggerdy's notes directing them to Carter's notes, or by directly picking up Carter's interview notes at the Herald. The quest ends when the player arrives at Sam Blackwell's bunker, either retracing the journalist's steps or by following the notes below:
  • Blackwell's bunker is located near the northeastern corner of the map and requires passing through the Mire to reach it. The easiest way, using the Whitespring for reference, is to head northeast, past the National Isolated Radio Array and Sugar Grove, then skirting the southern edge of Harpers Ferry and going over the railroad bridge to the other side of the river. Then the player can jump down to ground level using the rocks, hug the cliffside and head directly north. The cave marker stands for the abandoned waste dump, which conceals Sam Blackwell's bunker.