Ulysses' Odyssey

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Ulysses' Odyssey
TaskDiscover all about Ulysses' past.
Reward100 XP
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Ulysses' Odyssey is a challenge in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road. The player must find the 6 holotapes recorded by Ulysses hidden throughout the Divide: two in Hopeville, two around the High Road and two in the Divide itself.


  • Ulysses Log Y-17.15 – Located just past the locked gates of Hopeville Missile Base - loading station in the toolbox amongst the military crates of the overturned truck to the right.
  • Ulysses Log Y-17.16 – In The Crow's Nest, inside the top of the ruined buildings next to a bedroll.
  • Ulysses Log Y-17.17 – West of Sunstone Tower roof, after detonating the warhead to progress in the DLC; turn right towards the entrance into the building that leads into the Cave of the Abaddon. On your left you should see a building lying on its side, next to a "Saturnite" neon sign. The building in question has a white Old World flag sign on its roof. The log is in the upper floor, at the very end, underneath a mattress.
  • Ulysses Log Y-17.21 – Directly south of the Collapsed overpass tunnel entrance, behind a locked gate (average). The gate can be opened using the Warehouse stash key.
  • Ulysses Log Y-17.22 – Just beyond the High Road past Junction 7 rest stop, where the road dead ends, you should see a long cargo container high up sticking out underneath the collapsed tunnel. Jump up the rocks to get to the truck back, turn right. You should see smoke from a campfire. The holotape is directly south of the campfire, leaning against a rock wall.
  • Ulysses Log Y-17.23 – Located just outside of Sunstone Tower roof, from the entrance, head down the side of the building, descending the fallen structure hanging off the side of the building. At the bottom of the fallen structure, get inside the building, exit via the opening on the other side and cross another section of the fallen structure to get to a room marked by a blue Old World flag. The holotape is on a desk in front of an average locked wall safe.


  • Finding all the holotapes and listening to them will give you extra dialogue options when speaking to Ulysses, including several Speech checks. It will also open up extra options for dealing with him in the quest The Courier.
  • The name of this challenge is meant to be a subtle reference to Ulysses' original goal; to join two tribes together. The Odyssey is a Greek word for Odysseus' journey, whereas Ulysses is the Roman name for Odysseus; hence the title of the challenge brings two cultures together.