Tygart Water Treatment terminals

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This page lists Tygart Water Treatment terminals.

Tygart Water Treatment Control Terminal

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Welcome text


Master Control



Please Read!


If you are reading this, I have disabled the machinery to avoid further flooding in our slave pit. We can't afford to lose any more of our product.

It should go without saying, but DON'T DRINK THE WATER EITHER! Half of us are sick. Dysentery is no joke. We will keep looking for some fresh source.

Amy Kerry's Terminal

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Welcome text

Personal Terminal, Amy L. Kerry

Personal Journal

Jan 16, 2095


I remember something one of my professors at VTU once said. "Talking to myself is the only way to be sure of an intelligent conversation." I think it was a quote from some great thinker but I guess that fact is lost to the world like so much else.

Well, here I am, talking to myself. Of course, since this is a journal, it's totally acceptable, right?

My current situation is this. I'm out here in this cabin, living alone aside from the occasional visits from my boyfriend Jeff. Sometimes I go and visit him at the Responders base, and right now I'm working with them on a research project I developed to monitor the environment for sign of contamination by the Scorched.

Mostly, my days are filled with traveling around and collecting data. The rest of my time is spent repairing broken environmental sensors, building replacement ones and reading.

Really exciting journal, Amy. This is clearly not at all a waste of my time.

Jan 23, 2095


Okay, don't get me wrong, I like these Responder people pretty well, and I'm happy to collaborate with them. They've been a big help in creating the computer program I use to process the data from the sensors.

But damn, they need to quit nagging me about joining up! How many times do I have to tell them I'm not a joiner? I do my best work alone. Always have.

Dating Jeff isn't helping. I wish he'd quit bringing it up. I don't think he means to nag me, but he cares so much about his "new family" as he calls them. Sometimes I wonder if it's time for a little space between us.

But then I remember that he's a good guy who really seems to care about me and, well, that's worth something. How much of a future do we have? I don't know. I've always kind of lived in the moment, I guess.

Feb 9, 2095


Damn near got my leg chewed off by a mole rat today. I was out placing a soil sensor and I guess I must have strayed too close to a warren. One of the little nasties got a few good bites in before I kicked the damn thing loose.

Hell, maybe Jeff is right. Maybe I am a stubborn fool, living out here alone and trying to keep this project going by myself. But this project gives my life some meaning.

I mean, sure, I hope this work is important and that we can learn something from it that'll help against the Scorched, but to be honest, that's not why I'm doing it.

I'm doing it because when I'm out there and I see all the death, destruction and decay, I need an answer ready when the inevitable question surfaces: what's the point of going on?

Feb 23, 2095


I've been busting my ass for the past week building in as much automation as I can to the process of compiling the data. In light of recent events, it seemed like a good idea.

I got sick after that Mole Rat bite. Real sick. I couldn't get out of bed. I thought I was done. Jeff was out on a foraging mission and decided to check on me, since he hadn't heard from me in a while. Thank God he did.

I feel guilty writing it here, but I've always felt like Jeff was a lot more interested in me than I was in him. Something changed for me that day, though. I guess it was the first time I realized just how compassionate he really is.

As the Responders' quartermaster, he never stops working to make sure everyone has what they need. He takes care of them. It's noble.

March 4, 2095


It's so infuriating to me that the Brotherhood keeps showing up and demanding supplies. They have no idea of the sacrifices Jeff and the others have to make just to scavenge a few basic supplies. People die on those missions.

Jeff told me that someone at Responder HQ slipped up and mentioned my environmental monitoring program during one of these recent Brotherhood visits.
Maria caught it and tried to play it down, but the way Jeff tells it, the guy was real interested.

Nothing more came of it at the time, but the Brotherhood guy said they'd be back, and next time they wanted to know everything.

I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later.

March 12, 2095


I just learned that the Brotherhood paid another visit to Responders HQ, but instead of their usual demands for supplies and ammo, they wanted the details about my project. In fact, they demanded them. At gunpoint.

Jeff says Maria shared some of what I've already sent them, but she played dumb when they asked where I was living. Now I'm thinking, maybe it's not the data they want, it's the tech itself. Maybe they think they can turn my sensor design into some kind of warning system or weapon.

After everything they've put Jeff and the other Responders through, there's no way I'm giving them a damn thing. Hopefully their "war" against the Scorchbeasts will keep them busy enough that they won't come looking for me.

Jeff seems really concerned, though. He thinks the Brotherhood soldiers will do anything necessary to win their fight. Maybe it's time to start thinking about a contingency plan.

April 16, 2095


I heard those power armor suits stommping around again this morning. They were closer this time, maybe less than a mile.

I can't stay here. Those toy soldiers are going to find the trailer, and probably soon. It's time I took Jeff's advice and got the hell out of here.

Since I can't haul my terminal across the forest, I'm going to put a lock on my monitoring program. I recorded a holotape message for Jeff so he knows where to find me. I hid it somewhere those tall power-armored guys probably won't spot it. I hope.

I also set up a transmitter so portable devices can communicate remotely with my terminal. That should let me continue my work from off-site.

I'm going to miss this place. It's not much, but it's home.


Welcome text

Date night?


Loved your idea for a date night! Going back to Cow Spots Creamery sounds perfect. What better way to celebrate our one-year anniversary than going back to the place we had our first date.

I'll let Maria know as soon as she's back. Meantime, I'll see what I can scrounge up for a romantic dinner. Oh, and bring a weapon, I saw a report there were some ferals stalking around the place. Better safe than sorry, right?

Can't wait to see you again!

- Jeff

Be careful


The Brotherhood paid us a visit today. Somehow they found out about your project involving the possible environmental impacts of the Scorched.

They all but demanded that we turn over everything we have on it, but Maria stood her ground.

If they find out where you live, they might come knocking. Maybe you should get away for a few days, find somewhere to hide out.

Let me know if you do, and I'll come out and meet you. Been too long since we've seen each other.

- Jeff

Joining the Responders


Just wanted to say sorry if we ambushed you while you were visiting Jeff. If it seemed like we were ganging up in order to get you to join us, well, I won't lie, we were.

Truth is, we could use someone with your background in environmental science pretty desperately right now. That being said, I respect your desire to remain independent.

Just know that we're happy to continue our mutually-beneficial collaboration on your environmental monitoring project, and I'll make sure we continue to provide the agreed-upon supplies and any useful data we come across to help with your research.

- Maria


Missing you


Just wanted you to know that I miss the hell out of you right now. Never really noticed how big my bed was until you weren't in it anymore.

Hope I'm still in your thoughts, too. I know we don't get much time together. I just want to make sure you don't forget about me.

Am I being creepy? God I hope not.

- Jeff



Just wanted to say thanks for sending over the latest batch of environmental data. I finally got the green light to start on that Inoculation Project we talked about, and I think that'll be a big help.

Maria said you turned down our invitation. Sorry to hear that, but we all respect your decision. Hell, I don't think I'd have the courage to live by myself in a cabin the way you do. Not after some of the monsters I've seen in the woods out there.

Good luck.

- Claire

Sensor design upgrades


Finally had time to look over your sensor module design in detail. Looks solid, but I see some places where you could save power.

I also think you should build in some redundancies, since these things will be out in the field and exposed to the elements.

Let's talk soon.

- Sanjay

Environmental Monitoring Program

Welcome text