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Turrets are automated unmanned weapons which are capable of sensing, tracking, and attacking targets[1] without the need for an operator. Usually programmed to be operated by a nearby terminal.


Mostly employed by militaries, other organizations with military ties had access to these devices. Since the Great War many individuals and groups across the wasteland have employed the usage of these machines. Some even active centuries after their installation, others recently constructed.


Alien turret

Alien turret.png
Gameplay article:

Alien turrets (simply called turret in-game) are the alien equivalent of automated turrets, encountered on board Mothership Zeta. In contrast to automated turrets, only ceiling-mounted versions of this turret exist.

Ceiling conventional turret

MK-I turret.png
Gameplay articles:

Automated turrets can rest on the floor or be mounted onto the ceiling. The ceiling turrets use generally use bullet-based weaponry, whereas the ground turrets are usually equipped with lasers. Some ground mounted bullet-based turrets were built, as well as laser-based ceiling models. Both variants have unlimited ammunition. Most notable location is Vault 11's Sacrificial Chamber

Ground laser turret

MK-IV turret.png
Gameplay articles:
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Gameplay articles:

The auto-cannon is an autonomous defense turret equipped with twin minigun cannons and relatively heavily armored. They are usually part of an automated defense system.

Gun turret

MAGUN2HJ se.gif
Gameplay articles:

The gun turret is equipped with twin plasma cannons and is heavily armored. [2] HP 250 EPs 300

Laser turret

Laser turret FoT.png
Gameplay article:

The laser turret is a turret with a single-barrel laser cannon which will lower down after a few seconds for cover. It cannot fire while in cover.

Laser cannon

Vault City laser cannon.png
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  1. Fallout 4 loading screen hints: "Automated Turrets will track and attack their targets relentlessly, but can often be reprogrammed from a nearby computer terminal."
  2. Fallout 2 Official Strategies & Secrets p.34: "Floor Turrets
    These Turrets slide up from concealed floor plates to a ready firing position and have a 360° field of fire."