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For an overview of jet variants in the Fallout series of games, see jet.
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Slow time to 35% for 3 seconds
Addiction20% chance of turbo addiction
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Turbo is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


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A peculiar variant of regular Jet, designed to modify the user's perception of time. Jet is piggybacked to an aerosol can containing broc flower and Cazador venom dissolved in turpentine.[1] The concoction creates the illusion of slow motion, while Jet increases the user's speed so that they move at a normal speed relative to their surroundings.

All turbo in-game use the bottle of a brand of hair spray called HairStylez to hold its contents.


Turbo causes a brief 'bullet time' effect that dramatically slows the passing of in-game time (time goes at about 35% of its original speed), which in turn has many effects on the environment around the player. Turbo will not slow player collision physics, movement, or actions. Non-player characters will experience an opposite effect and suffer heavy speed penalties to the aforementioned stats for the duration of turbo, as well as object physics. However, projectile speed from guns or thrown items will be slowed for both the player and non-player characters since bullets, grenades, or thrown melee skill weapons are under the effect of game physics once shot or thrown. This same physics effect applies to manipulable objects as well such as loot-able items or objects that can be moved with collision effects.

Periodic status effects have longer delays between each tick or application of the effect and a longer over-all duration while in turbo. A poison that would normally inflict 6 damage every 3 seconds would have a longer delay between periodic applications of damage and would have a correspondingly longer duration in total. The duration extension of status effects also applies to non-periodic status effects such as the duration of a Stealth Boy if one were to compare its duration while in a constant period of turbo to the duration it would have outside of turbo, the Stealth Boy worn in turbo would last longer. This does not mean that activating turbo would extend status effects after its duration. The game only matches the duration of the effects and periodic timers to the slowed time.

Additionally other actions such as viewing the Pip-Boy, switching on or off the Pip-Boy light, holstering or drawing a weapon will be dramatically delayed. It also affects instances where the duration of time is crucial, like when swimming underwater, defusing mines etc.

It should be noted that turbo has a high addiction chance and the effects are quite devastating, the user will lose 2 points on his Agility.

Using turbo 20 times rewards the player with the Fast Times perk, which increases the duration of the turbo effect from 3 seconds to 4.


You have the option of receiving the turbo recipe from Diane as a reward for completing the first leg of the Aba Daba Honeymoon quest. Turbo can then be crafted by the player.

1 Jet
1 Turbo



Non-player characters


  • Prior to patch, the recipe required two broc flowers and two bottles of turpentine.