Troike blackmail note

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Troike Blackmail Note
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QuestsHow Little We Know
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Troike Blackmail Note is a paper note in Fallout: New Vegas.


It can be found inside Big Sal's office in the safe.



Hey Boss,

We took care of Troike, just like you asked. The stupid bitch that tried to run away made the perfect patsy. We get the double benefit of her stinking body serving as a warning to the rest of the girls. Troike was so fucked up on that spiked Jet we could have stabbed him in the balls and he wouldn't have said daisy.

We're going to take a little vacation for a bit, Troike may have seen one of our faces while he was drifting in and out. We don't want him to get suspicious. Hopefully that scrawny little fuck does some good business for you.

Thanks for the bonus boss.

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