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Trip to the Stars
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Quest data
LocationHubologist Camp
Given ByDara Hubbell
RewardHub's alien blaster
Editor IDDLC04MS02
Base IDxx000807

Trip to the Stars is a quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


Trudging through the wastelands around Nuka-World, the Sole Survivor comes upon a fortified diner filled with a group of people in strange garb. They are the followers of Hubology, seekers of alignment and Quetzel, led by a descendant of the great Dick Hubbell himself.


  1. Talk to Dara to learn about their goals and start the quest proper. She will need five spacesuits at first, and is willing to pay 200 caps for them. With three persuasion checks, the payment can be raised as high as 350 caps.
  2. Head to Vault-Tec: Among the Stars and pilfer the animatronics.
  3. Return to Dara. She will request the Nuka-World Junkyard to be cleared of robots. Do so.
  4. After returning, she will gather the faithful for an address, then they will join her in the Junkyard, near the derelict UFO attraction.
  5. The final step involves installing three fusion cores and a power distributor to power up the ship. The power distributor can be found on the top level of the warehouse at the junkyard. Install them and start the ride.
  6. Talk to Dara at the end.


  • If one installs four fusion cores instead of the recommended three, the ride will spin so fast that the Hubologist's heads explode(which pleases Gage).