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Trinity Tower
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Map MarkerTrinity Tower
FactionsFist's super mutants
QuestsCurtain Call
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Trinity Tower is a landmark in Boston and notable landmark of the Commonwealth.


In the Back Bay neighborhood is the tallest tower in Boston, and a huge super mutants stronghold, led by Fist. this skyscraper is now a super mutant stronghold. Once of wholly modern design it now sports the "offal and splattering" features of super mutant occupation.[1]

Recently, Rex Goodman was captured trying to educate these super mutants on human culture. As one would surmise, it completely backfired. All but Strong laughed at Rex reciting MacBeth, and when Strong stood up to Fist, both were thrown into the cage. Fist then willingly allowed Rex use the broadcasting equipment to make a distress call in order to bait more humans into the super mutant lair. Rex, however, was completely unaware of Fist's plan, simply believing the chieftain to be plain stupid to leave his prisoners within reach of the equipment.[2]


The main plaza has several staircases that lead up to the fourth floor, which has a dead end balcony. The second story of the plaza has an elevator on the east side that leads up to a higher story. The elevator opens to a reception area, with a filing room and stairway up the upper floor to the south. The room in the south east corner has a collapsed floor, leading down to a break room and some more offices.

The upper floor contains a kitchen in the west with some supplies and has another collapsed floor in the east that leads up to another story. This office space has another elevator that goes up even further into the tower, leading out to the dilapidated top few stories, which are now exposed to the open air.

Stairs directly south of the elevator as well as on the southern wall lead up to higher floors, where Fist and the rest of his warriors are waiting. Stairs lead up to the top floor, where there is a weapons workbench, steamer trunk and the towers prison, where Rex Goodman and Strong are being held. A window cleaners lift against the west wall that only descends halfway down the tower. Transferring to another lift is necessary to get back down to the fourth floor balcony.


Notable loot


  • The fight down while scaling the building in the window cleander lift is featured in the Fallout 4 teaser trailer.


Trinity Tower appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Collector's Edition p.454-455: "[11.05] TRINITY TOWER
    The tallest building in Boston, this towering office skyscraper with a fancy plaza at ground level now features the “offal and splattering” aesthetic the Super Mutants are so keen on showcasing. You may have been summoned here by Trinity Tower Radio as part of the specified quest. The only way up into the structure is taking the mezzanine elevator to the mid-level. After scaling the interior, you appear on the final five floors leading to the roof. It’s a very long way down, so watch your step. It is recommended to take in the sights via a window-washer elevator that takes you from the roof down to the plaza."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)
  2. Curtain Call