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Fo4 Skinny Malone.png
Skinny Malone flanked by a pair of Triggermen
LeadershipSkinny Malone
Eager Ernie
StructureLoosely organized group of thugs and criminals
Notable MembersMarowski
Nelson Latimer
Bobbi No-Nose
Notable LocationsEasy City Downs
Vault 114
Four Leaf fishpacking plant

Triggermen is a faction in Fallout 4.


The term broadly refers to a loose confederation of gangs operating in the Greater Boston area, primarily in and around Goodneighbor. Although the Triggermen all play at being big-time gangsters, in practice they are little more than petty thugs, typically working as hired guns for a variety of warlords and crime bosses. What few enterprising individuals emerged among them are preoccupied with pursuing their own interests and lack the drive, ability, or resources to form a stronger organization. Most importantly, while they occasionally work with Mayor Hancock of Goodneighbor, that same Mayor ensures that their numbers don't grow to the point that they threaten his own rule or the people of his town, culling them using deniable assets.[1][2]


The Triggermen are typically organized into loosely affiliated gangs. The most prominent of these is headed by Skinny Malone, thanks to a recent windfall in the form of Vault 114 found beneath Boston Common. Other gangs include Marowski's chem manufacturing and trafficking operation out of the Four Leaf fishpacking plant (a mere shadow of what it was 20 years earlier, before a group of mercs took down his stockpile), Bobbi No-Nose's gang Marowski pays dues to and which seeks to undermine Hancock's rule,[3] and various minor gangers across Greater Boston, like Eager Ernie of Easy City Downs or Nelson Latimer at Diamond City. One notable difference from most gangs is that Triggermen have no problem working alongside ghouls, benefiting from their knowledge and age. However, their membership tends to be predominantly male.

Interactions with the player character

Triggermen generally attack strangers on sight, but they aren't particularly formidable foes.[2] They are encountered during The Big Dig, Unlikely Valentine, and in a variety of locations across the Greater Boston area such as Easy City Downs, the warehouses in Goodneighbor, and Four Leaf fishpacking plant.


Favoring style over substance, Triggermen don't have much in the way of armor and are vulnerable to most attacks. Submachine guns are particularly popular among Triggermen,[4] but some members favor assault rifles or semiautomatic pistols.[2]

In game terms, Triggerman receive additional damage resistance bonuses to make them a bit more lethal, but the preference for clothing over actual armor greatly limits their survivability in combat.


Triggermen appears only in Fallout 4.


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    Favoring style over substance, Triggermen don’t have much in the way of armor. Aside from the natural radiation immunity enjoyed by Ghoul members, Triggermen are vulnerable to most attacks.
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