Trapper armor

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Trapper armor
Fo4FH TrapperArmorA.png
Values54 (full set)54 (full set)0
Weight40 (full set)Value81 (full set)
Editor IDDLC03_TrapperArmor+suffixes
Base IDSee below

Trapper armor is an armor set in Far Harbor.


Put together from the junk found on Mount Desert Island, the trapper armor is a resilient outfit built to withstand the elements and the corrosive influence of the corrupted wetlands. A crude leather vest and chaps are used as basis for bolting strips of dense rubber cut from the myriad of tires littering the island. The bolts further serve as reinforcement and protective measure against the island's many mutated monstrosities. Further enhancing it are rows of rusted spikes lining the limbs. The added weight is offset by thick rope woven around the arms and legs, helping to keep the pieces in place. Blue canvas is wrapped around the neck to make wearing the armor a less arduous task and protect the head from impact when falling over.[1]


An armor cobbled together by the mad men of the Island. The trapper armor is effectively a variant of heavy armor that's useful at lower levels, but is overshadowed by alternatives later on. It does make for a useful piece of vendor trash, though.

Type Piece Protection Weight Value Base ID
Chest 16 16 12 33 0000ee79

Arm 10 10 7 11 0000ee76 (right)
0000ee75 (left)
Leg 9 9 7 13 0000ee78 (right)
0000ee77 (left)


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  • Commonly found on trappers inhabiting the island.


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