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Trapper Town
Fo2 Klamath Trapper Town.png
Map MarkerTrapper Town
Part ofKlamath
LeadersSlim Picket
QuestsKill the rat god.

Trapper Town is the western part of Klamath, where the Gecko trappers reside. Slim Picket is the top dog in this town, although he doesn't really have much to say, other than asking for your help with a vermin problem.

The caves under the town have been infested by various giant rats, and several trappers have gone missing while trying to find out where the rats are coming from. Half the town has been blocked off in an attempt to stop the marauding rodents.


The district is entered through a fenced courtyard at the southern end of the map, where several trappers are gathered around a burning barrel. A number of destroyed cars are also located within this courtyard, along with some food crops. More food crops are located on the west side of the district, outside of the fenced area. A large open area on the east side of the district is accessible only through the Rat Caves, and features a rusted out Highwayman mounted on blocks.

The rest of the district is made up residential buildings, most of which are infested by rats. This area can only be reached through a locked door, the key to which is held by the local leader Slim. The entrance to the Rat Caves is located in the northern-most building.

Notable loot

  • One of the children running around has a Scout Handbook which can be stolen.
  • In the room with the "GUNS" sign, two pairs of rubber boots can be found in the lockers. The boots are worthless to sell, but very useful if you need to walk over some toxic sludge in the Toxic Caves
  • 10mm ammo can be found in the "GUNS" room.
  • In the old Highwayman behind the fence you can find a fuel cell regulator.
  • A locked room on the far left side has a footlocker containing 4 gecko skins and 2 golden gecko skins.


  • Most of the trappers here don't have anything interesting to say, but a few have some nice things that can be stolen. Ammo, stimpaks, money and a few other things can be acquired in this way.
  • In the south-western part of the area there's a shack, and north of this there is, oddly enough, a Crimson Caravan sign.


Trapper Town appears in Fallout 2.