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Transport plane
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LocationMojave Wasteland
Zion Valley
base id00000000 (wings straight)
00000000 (wings folded)
xx000000 (Honest Hearts)
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The unidentified transport plane is a vehicle that appears in Fallout: New Vegas.


The transport plane is a twin-prop and double folding wing aircraft with two-tone green and gray color scheme. Several of these aircraft with their wings folded can be seen at Camp McCarran. This fold-wing design would most likely allow for easier storage of the aircraft in hangars and on the runway. Before the Great War the planes could most likely serve several passengers per trip comfortably.


Several can be found at the New California Republic base in Camp McCarran, as well as Searchlight Airport. Another can be found just south of Nipton Road Pit Stop crashed into a basin, half submerged in the desert. There is also another crashed airliner at Zion Canyon.

Behind the scenes

This plane resembles the features of a DC3 aircraft, i.e. its a taildragger, its twin prop, and the basic shape of the plane.



The transport plane appears in Fallout: New Vegas and the add-on Honest Hearts.