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Quest data
LocationLexington, Switchboard
Given ByDesdemona
RewardRailroad membership
Deacon available as a companion
Editor IDRR102
Base ID0006fa37
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Road to Freedom
leads to:
Boston After Dark

I signed on for light recon. But that little Slocum's Joe of yours is crawling with god damn chrome-dome synth sons of bitches. If I haven't been made yet, I'll be spotted when I leave here. I'm goddamn trapped.

Ricky Dalton

Tradecraft is a quest that can be obtained in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4.


Deacon asks the Sole Survivor for aid in reclaiming an important item from the Switchboard, the old Railroad headquarters. Successful completion results in an invitation for the Sole Survivor to join the Railroad.


  1. Meet Deacon at the designated marker, under the highway west of Lexington.
  2. Follow him onto the highway, looking for Railmarkers. Some ghouls will get in the way.
  3. Follow the highway eastwards until Ricky Dalton.
  4. Talk to him using the passphrase "Mine is in the shop."
  5. Gather all the intel and talk to Deacon.
  6. Optionally, talk to Ricky again and convince him to share his supplies (some stimpaks, easy persuasion), provide sniper support (difficult), or storm the place as a distraction (very difficult and will annoy companions).
  7. Proceed to either storm the place through the front door or go through the escape tunnel. There is no impact on the quest itself, only the obstacles change.
  8. Inside the facility, head for the sealed vault in Department X.
  9. Carrington's prototype is inside. Collect it.
  10. Return to the Old North Church and talk to Deacon.

Quest stages

Talk with Deacon If I want to have more dealings with the Railroad, I should talk with Deacon. He's the mysterious man who vouched for me when I met with Desdemona, the Railroad's leader.
Meet Deacon at the old highway Deacon wants to help me join the Railroad. In order to join, I have to help him on a mission. He said he'd meet me by the old freeway outside of Lexington.
Follow Deacon and find the "tourist" The Railroad's old base is near Lexington. Before we go inside, Deacon wants to get information from someone who's helping the Railroad - a "tourist." So it's time to follow Deacon.
Talk to Deacon
Get inside the escape tunnel The Railroad's old base is crawling with older model Synths. Deacon suggests we use the back entrance to get inside and complete this mysterious errand we're on.
Get Carrington's Prototype Somewhere inside the Railroad's old base is a prototype that a Doctor Carrington needs. Deacon says we can expect serious resistance from "Gen 1" and "Gen 2" Synths.
Leave The Switchboard Now that we've recovered the prototype from the Switchboard, it's time to return it to Desdemona. She'll be at the meeting place underneath the Old North Church.
Meet Deacon at the Old North Church I impressed Desdemona enough with my actions at Switchboard that she asked me to join the Railroad.


  • Upon becoming an agent of the Railroad, the player must choose a code name. The available choices are Professor, Fixer, Bullseye, Charmer, Whisper, and Wanderer. "Wanderer" is only available if the player selects "I don't want a codename" and then lets Desdemona choose.


  • Deacon will move at his own pace until the second Railmarker. Stick close to him to avoid having to retread the old way.
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