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Mentioned-only character
Biography and appearance
RoleGiddy child
FamilyThe Dad (father)
The Mom (mother)
Dialogue FileTommy's dialogue
Mentioned inLonesome Road
Editor IDNVDLC04Kid
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ActorCindy Robinson
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Tommy is a boy living in Chicago.[1]


One day, he came across ED-E, and persuaded his father to take him in. In the recording, he gleefully spouts, "Yay! He'll be just like RALPHIE, only this one's not a toy!" This means that there were toys based off the pre-War television series RALPHIE, but more importantly, that Tommy somehow had access to pre-War television; ED-E got the tapes of RALPHIE from the Enclave, but how Tommy did is unknown, as most TV's no longer function in post-war America. In the audio log, it also implies that his family may be wealthy or the economy where he is different than the west because it is mentioned that he receives an allowance, something most wasteland children don't have the luxury of.[2]


Tommy is mentioned only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.


  1. The Courier: "Sounds like that kid was pretty fond of you. Why did you leave?"
    ED-E: <Wistful beeping>
    The Courier: "Where did this happen?"
    ED-E: <Happy beeping>
    The Courier: "Illinois? So that's where you got that plate. The other you, I mean."
    ED-E: <Happy beeping>
    The Courier: "What's a Chicago?"
    ED-E: <Expository beeping>
    (ED-E's dialogue (Lonesome Road))
  2. Tommy: "Dad! Hey Dad! Check out this robot I found!"
    The Dad: "Careful, Tommy - I've never seen a robot like that before. It might be dangerous."
    Tommy: "He's not dangerous! Look, he's hurt! Can we take him home, Dad? Maybe Mom can fix him!"
    The Dad: "I don't know, son... what if someone comes looking for it?"
    Tommy: "Please? He looks so lonely! Maybe if Mom fixes him, he can help her out around the garage?"
    The Dad: "All right, boy. But if he breaks anything, it's coming out of your allowance!"
    Tommy: "Yay! He'll be just like RALPHIE, only this one's not a toy!"
    (The Dad's and Tommy's dialogue)