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Three Families
The Three Families
FoundedMr. Robert House
Notable MembersSwank
Big Sal
HeadquartersNew Vegas Strip
Notable LocationsThe Tops
Relations and associations
Child EntitiesChairmen
White Glove Society

The Three Families is a term given to a group of tribal families that control the New Vegas Strip on behalf of Mr. House. The families include the Chairmen, Omertas and the White Glove Society. The leaders in 2281 of the various families are Benny of the Chairmen, Nero of the Omertas and Marjorie of the White Gloves who all work with President House.


The Three Families were all originally wasteland tribes in and around the New Vegas area. Prior to the events of Fallout: New Vegas, House had the tribes rounded up and "rehabilitated" them into their present forms in order to mimic the Las Vegas that had existed before the war.

Robert House's dream of returning The Strip to glory meant needing a workforce to use during renovation and construction, as well as someone to run the attractions of The Strip. All of this was performed easily enough, the problem however was that large parts of the Las Vegas ruins were inhabited by a tribe calling themselves the Great Khans, even worse was that these "Khans" had no interest in what Mr. House had to say.

Rounding up the other tribes around the Vegas Ruins, Mr. House gave resources, weapons, and full funding for a campaign against the Khans. The Great Khans, being unable to withstand the attacks of three well organized and equipped tribes, retreated from Vegas and headed East to settle in Bitter Springs.

As part of their rehabilitation, House used his business acumen to educate these tribes on how to properly, and maybe more importantly for House, independently run the businesses of The Strip. After their education, House put the families in charge of the casinos, hotels, and attractions.

Some family members, like the singer of the Chairmen, or Mortimer of the White Gloves, still have behaviors or use phrases that harken back to their history as tribals. Other members may look down upon these individuals as being uncivilized.


After the rehabilitation of the tribes, Mr. House had the families take residence and ownership of the casinos and attractions that he felt would be the solution to capturing the spirit of Pre-War Las Vegas. As such, The Tops was given to the now Chairmen, the Gomorrah to the renamed Omertas, and finally the Ultra-Luxe went into the hands of the newly named White Glove Society.

Each family has their own leader, each leader ultimately answers to Mr. House, but currently any true organization or cooperation between the families of The Strip is laughable at best. The only competition their businesses have in New Vegas is each other. Due to this constant battle to win over the contents of a New Vegas patrons' pocket, each of the families have entered almost into a state of seclusion from each other, and watch each other carefully and intently from their own corners of the New Vegas Strip.

Outside relations

The families of New Vegas, in the sense of a singular organization, have absolutely no relationship with any tribe or faction within the Mojave. Each family chooses to deal with the world outside of Vegas, and its people, independently, instead of collaborating and making a decision that supports the group as a whole. The name or term, "The Three Families", has rapidly become nothing more than an abbreviated way of referring to the Chairmen, Omertas, and White Glove Society during conversation about The Strip.

Interactions with the player character

The Families control the casinos, hotels and other attractions on the strip that the Courier can patronize. In addition, many quest-givers on the strip are members of The Families.


The Three Families appear only in Fallout: New Vegas.