Thirst (Fallout 76)

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Fallout 76
ModifiesAP regen, disease chance

Thirst is a derived statistic in Fallout 76.


Thirst is tracked together with hunger, much like in Fallout 4. Unlike Fallout 4, it is coded differently (again). The hydrating value of each item that sates hunger is determined by its placement on form lists, ranging from dehydrating to highly hydrating items.

Certain items can increase thirst. In this case, they decrease the hydration pool by a marginal percentage. Dehydration accumulates at a constant rate: 1% per ~35 seconds.

Stages Value Effects
Well-hydrated 0-899
Hydrated 900-1799
Thirsty 1800-2699
Parched 2700-3599 -25% AP regen

+25% disease risk

Dehydrated 3600 Risk of death