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For the faction that appears in Old World Blues, see Think Tank (faction). For the location that appears in Old World Blues, see The Think Tank.
Think tank
LocationBig MT
AffiliationBig MT Research and Development Center
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A think tank is a special type of brain bot. It consists of a robotic sphere-shaped body housing a human brain with three monitors attached to the robot's chassis, allowing a person to continue living by using their brain as a power source.


The "Think Tank project" was a scientific project created in the Big Mountain Research and Development Center. The project's purpose was to preserve the six Big MT "Think Tank" executives. These now-robotic scientists are Klein, Mobius, Dala, 0, 8 and Borous.


The think tank uses the same principle as a robobrain: the brain is held inside a hardened glass container at the top of the robotic body, suspended in pressurized bio med gel (which can take many colors). However, unlike that of the robobrain, the brain within a think tank never had its memory wiped, retaining all memories and emotions it would have had prior to becoming a think tank. The robotic body has three monitors protruding from the robot's chassis. Two of these monitors depict eyes and the other depicts a mouth. In addition, it provides a container and mobile platform so the operating human brain may observe and approach various items, in order to allow a person to continue living by using their brain as a power source. Like eyebots, think tanks levitate by means of an unknown propulsion system.

They are able to communicate verbally due to a voice module which is integrated into the robotic chassis and connected to the brain. If damaged, the think tank can continue to communicate but only through radio waves. Despite not being designed for fighting, a self-guiding electric weapon at the back of the think tank can be used for limited self-defense against enemies.


  • All think tanks have the same basic appearance, the only differences being found in the coloration of the container (due to the variant of bio med gel) and sizes of the monitors. Mobius' robotic body appears severely damaged and partially rusted - his right eye monitor is smashed and off-kilter, and even the two functioning monitors is rather dirty. As Klein disdainfully remarks, "he's clearly let himself go".
  • Most of the think tanks have identical stats, with 125 hit points and 15 DT. Klein and Mobius are significantly tougher than the other think tanks, leveling with the player and having a maximum hit points of 500 for Klein and 700 for Mobius.
  • Their weapons do 38 damage per hit and 94 damage per second.
  • Think tanks take increased damage from shots to their chassis, which cause 40% more damage than normal. They take normal damage from shots to their weapon or eye monitors, and decreased damage from shots to their mouth monitor.
  • Killing a think tank counts towards the Abominable challenge.
  • Despite being scientists and mentioning giving items to the Courier, as well as supposedly working on the computer equipment, think tanks have no obvious method for manipulating objects around them. How they continue to perform experiments, like lobotomies, and other such tasks is rather unknown.


Think tanks appear only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues and were to appear in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios.

Behind the scenes

  • In Fallout Tactics, a similar brain bot appear named humanoid brain bot. The experience was used on Simon Barnaky by the humanoid robots of the Calculator. His brain was implanted into a large robotic suit and connected to a robotic program. But compared to the think thank, only its temperament and a part of the previous consciousness remains, the robotic programming is superior and the humanoid brain bot has trouble displaying human emotions and remembering its feelings and personal life.