Thin red paste

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Thin red paste
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+2 Hit Points per second for 30s
+5 max Hit Points for 4 minutes
Component ofThick red paste
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Thin red paste is a consumable item in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Old World Blues.


Thin red paste is a healing item which potentially restores 60 of the players Hit Points when consumed, and also temporarily increases maximum Hit Points by 5.

The paste can be thickened, by crafting it with flour and mutant cave fungus, to make it more potent.



  • With the perk Them's Good Eatin', there is a 50% chance that one or more will be in the inventory of any living creature killed by the player.
  • Several can be found in X-13 testing facility in the room where the player finds the prototype boots, on a table at the room's south end.


Behind the scenes

  • Like blood sausage, thin red paste is a term used in one of the graphic combat results featured in the combat prose of the Fallout series' spiritual predecessor, Wasteland. As in, "you reduced your enemy to a thin red paste".