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Thicket Excavations
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Map MarkerThicket Excavations
FactionsRaiders (after Pull the Plug)
QuestsPull the Plug
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TerminalsThicket Excavations Terminal

Thicket Excavations is a location in the Commonwealth.


Originally a granite quarry,[1] this excavation has flooded over the years. The site has gained a reputation for being the best source of mirelurks in the Commonwealth since the calm water gives the meat a less brackish taste.[2]

A man named Sully Mathis figures that there should be a ton of scrap submerged deep beneath the water, and if he could get a pump operational to evacuate the water, he could reclaim the scrap. However, Mathis' intentions are less than innocent; in fact, he is a raider seeking to drain the quarry and make it an outpost. With the right crew, he could keep the location locked down, and raid all of the traders who pass through.[3] He duped the Sole Survivor into fixing the leaks underwater with his scavenger story, and after a few days of pumping, the quarry was ready for raider occupation.[4]


The Thicket Excavations is a short distance southeast of Sanctuary Hills. It is very noticeable when coming from the north on account of the sheer cliff that drops down into water. The water is extremely deep, but can be pumped out by completing Pull the Plug; there are several stairways and quarried stones that allow one to walk down to the bottom of the excavation site.

On the surface are a few trailers, and wetland where mirelurks tromp around. After the water is pumped out, there are a few ladders and switchbacks leading down to a few camps; the first trailer encountered has a chemistry station. From there, it's a winding path around the area through staircases and quarried rooms; the first room has a weapons workbench on the northeast side, but very little is noteworthy as one descends down to the base of the quarry. There are a couple pens of mirelurks and a few shacks down here, including Sully Mathis' shack, which contains a steamer trunk. Along the east wall is an elevator that returns on to the top of the quarry.

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Thicket Excavations appears only in Fallout 4.


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