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The Whitespring Resort
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Part ofAppalachia, The Forest
Doc Stanley
QuestsWhitespring Memoirs
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The Whitespring Resort is a location in Appalachia in Fallout 76.


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Built in 1858 and named for a natural sulphur spring on the grounds, the Whitespring was famous for its southern style and sulfur springs. The Whitespring Resort had a long history of business with the federal government and counted sitting US presidents among its guests. Under great financial strain before the war, the Whitespring was forced to sell much of its surrounding land and replace the resort staff with more cost-effective robots.[1]

In 2075, The Whitespring Resort announced a five-year renovation plan where the resort's facilities would be slowly renovated. One of the initiatives included is the "Ironclad Service," where the hotel staff would slowly be replaced by robots.[2] On July 12, 2077, The Whitespring Resort staff was made aware of the full intentions of the Ironclad Service initiative. In the month of October, the resort featured its first Business Class promotion by the Nuka-Cola Corporation, where bottle caps would be recognized as legal tender to celebrate the release of Nuka-Cola Quantum. By October 18, 2077, only five named staff members remained, Joyce Easton, Lew Palmest, Eric, Paula Hamilton, and Robert Mitchell, as well as workers at the spa.

Once the Great War began, many people began running from the resort to get home or see their families, leaving four staff members, Robert, Lew, Paula, and Joyce with ninety-two guests and five hundred robots.[3] The remaining people picked Joyce Easton as their leader with Lew Palmest eventually reprogramming the robots to recognize her as Acting Assistant Manager, allowing her to control the resort and the resort's robots. After being given control of the resort, Joyce Easton ordered the building into a state of lockdown, allowing no one in or out.[4] On December 14, 2077, Paula Hamilton put together an inventory of food, water, clothes, meds, guns and ammo, etc. that would last the resort residents for at least a decade.[5]

On December 1, 2078, the staff was made aware of the Modern Heritage remodel that would begin on January 1, 2079. The remodel would shut down the hotel, lock the residents out of their rooms, reboot the robots with a system upgrade, and kick out the current residents permanently for "overstaying" their reservations. Despite trying to reprogram the robots, Lew Palmest was unable to stop the program from going through.[6] As a result, Joyce Easton started preparing the residents to go out into Appalachia once the reboot happened. They started taking "Wilderness Survival Classes" at the Artisan's Corner to prepare themselves. Before the Modern Heritage remodel occured, a New Year's Gala was held on December 31, 2078 to celebrate their accomplishments. After the Modern Heritage remodel occurred, Joyce Easton and Paula Hamilton would lead a caravan towards Charleston, one group would head towards either Pleasant Valley or Sunnytop to see if other resorts would take them in, Lew Palmest and some of the residents would try to hole up at the golf club, and Robert Mitchell would try to stay at his post at The Whitespring Resort.[7]

On May 30, 2086, an unknown person only known as O.R. successfully ended the lockdown on The Whitespring Resort.[8]

In 2102, the robotic staff has maintained the resort in an almost spotless condition with its interior pristine and undisturbed by the Great War. This location includes a broad range of services including automated vendors, a crafting center, and other amenities for visitors to use. The robots have long ceased taking reservations, although they do not mind travelers passing through the halls and making use of the services.


The Whitespring Resort is divided into four floors with only the first, second, and third accessible. The first three floors have elevators and stairs to access each different floor, however the third floor is only accessible by the south-side elevators and stairs. Trash cans, filing cabinets, desks, among other containers sit around the interior with randomly generated loot. Various doors and containers contain varying levels of locks to open. Three caps stashes can be found inside.

First Floor

The first floor features the Lower Lobby, the Whitespring Theater, and the Retail Shops. The Retail Shops feature several robot merchants to buy weapons, apparel, armor, medicine, food and water, junk, and plans and recipes.

The retail shops contain vendors from every faction in Appalachia.

Second Floor

The second floor features the Lobby Bar, Soda Fountain, Dining Room, and ballrooms. Alcohol can be purchased at the Lobby Bar. Nuka-Cola and its variants can be purchased at the Soda Fountain. The Dining Room features various food and drinks for purchase. The ballrooms are inaccessible due to the hand scanners on the entrances to each different room.

Third Floor

The third floor is the smallest of the three accessible floors, featuring only a hidden entrance to the Whitespring Bunker.

Dynamic spawns

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The Whitespring Resort appears in Fallout 76.