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The Way Life Should Be
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Quest data
LocationVim! Pop factory
Far Harbor
Given ByAutomatic
RewardAcadia's Shield (if agreeing to cover up)
1500 caps (DiMA confesses, Acadia stays)
Editor IDDLC03MQ05
Base IDxx001b43
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leads to:

The Way Life Should Be is a main quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


After accessing DiMA's memories, it turns out that one of the inhabitants of Far Harbor is, in fact, a synth infiltrator. It's up to the Survivor to figure out who that is.


  1. Head to the Vim! Pop factory and find the facility in the basement level. The lift can be accessed through a security gate in the south-east corner of the factory, on the bottom floor.
  2. Enter the basement. Dig up the grave in the first room to find Avery's skull, Avery's locket, and What's done is done.
  3. Optionally: Find KYE 1.1 in the room beyond. Talk to it. You can persuade it to let you in or bring Nick Valentine along to gain entry.
  4. Confront DiMA about the murder.
  5. Then come to Far Harbor. You can talk to Allen Lee and Captain Avery about the evidence.
  6. Avery will take the evidence and ask you to talk to Teddy Wright. The doctor will confirm that it belongs to Avery and implore you not to show it to Lee. At this point, you decide the fate of Acadia.

Avery's path

  1. Avery, through either presenting the evidence or a persuasion check, can be convinced of her status as synth. She will request you to confront DiMA. You can extort money from her (1300 caps) with a difficult persuasion check, but otherwise it's off to Acadia.
  2. When confronted, DiMA will be regretful. You can choose to convince him to turn himself in with Far Harbor (very difficult persuasion checks). DiMA will die at the hands of Far Harbor, but you can choose during the conversation to contain their rage to just DiMA. This requires you to pass a difficult persuasion check (to spare Acadia). The outcome of the check is only to allow Far Harbor to reconsider Allen's hate mongering.
  3. If you helped Far Harbor (by completing quests associated with Living on the Edge and The Changing Tide), they will agree that Acadia is blameless and execute DiMA. Otherwise (or if you make no attempt to persuade them), Far Harbormen grab torches and pitchforks (well, guns, actually), and invade Acadia, killing everyone inside. They also shoot Brooks, as appetizer for the massacre.
  4. Otherwise, keep his secret. This will lead to Reformation and the option to replace Tektus with someone less aggressive. Avery will offer no comment.

Allen Lee's path

  1. If given the evidence, Lee will confront Avery. The player can intervene to stop him from shooting Avery and merely banish her, but all this will do is redirect the people's anger towards Acadia.
  2. Acadia burns. The quest completes with Far Harbor under a new, more vicious management.

Quest stages

Status Stage Description
Find out DiMA's secret One of DiMA's memories indicates he did something extreme to keep Far Harbor under his control. There's apparently a make-shift medical facility under the ruined Vim! Pop Factory. I should go there and get some answers.
Confront DiMA about Avery's murder The real Captain Avery was murdered by DiMA. And then replaced with a synth duplicate. What I do with the proof of DiMA's crimes could have profound effects on the island.
Tell Far Harbor about Avery's murder
(Optional) Report back to Kasumi
DiMA killed the original Captain
DiMA killed the original Captain Avery and replaced her with a synth. After confronting him about it, I agreed to keep his secret and gave him the evidence.
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