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The Vikki and Vance Casino
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: Primm)
Part ofPrimm
QuestsMy Kind of Town
A Team of Moronic Mercenaries
Big Winner
Big Winner, Vikki & Vance
A Pair of Dead Desperados, I
Cell NameVikkiAndVance
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Whether you can't wait 'til Vegas to try your luck, or want to hit one last jackpot before you leave Nevada, Primm's your place! The town's Primm-eer attraction is the world-famous Vikki and Vance Casino and Museum, so you came to the right place, pardner!

Primm Slim

The Vikki and Vance Casino and Museum is the premiere - and only - casino in Primm in Fallout: New Vegas.[1][2]


This landmark is one of the main attractions in Primm, dedicated to the eponymous outlaw pair, Vikki and Vance. Capitalizing on the popularity of Bonnie and Clyde, the founder of the casino elevated the pair of petty crooks to posthumous stardom, or as close to it as their narrow swath of shoplifting, check fraud, gas pump driveoffs, and eventual death in a crossfire between Texan police and bank robbers in Plano, TX allowed. Their shot-up car and Vance's own gun were put on permanent display among gambling tables to attract tourists and gamblers alike.[3]

The casino was aimed at people passing through Clark County who stopped at Primm to refuel or rest at the station right behind the Casino. They could get a taste of Vegas right there or hit one last jackpot before leaving Nevada.[4] Unfortunately, it competed for audiences with the Bison Steve hotel and its El Diablo rollercoaster, and casino employees - including their official spokesbot - openly discouraged visiting the landmark.[5]

Though Primm was abandoned after the Great War, the influx of commerce and tourists after the NCR took control of the Dam resulted in a windfall and the Casino was reopened to allow travelers and Army soldiers to enjoy gambling without having to go as far a Vegas - or give them a chance at turning their luck around before making the long trek back to California, just like in pre-War times. Unfortunately, the 2281 NCRCF prison break broke that lucky streak as convicts attacked the town, killed its sheriff, and took control of the streets. The residents took shelter inside the casino, led by Johnson Nash. The situation quickly devolved into a stalemate, as the convicts couldn't take the casino without losing men, but Primm residents couldn't retake the city without outside assistance.[6]


The casino is centered around the central Vikki and Vance exposition, including their shot-up death car, mannequins wearing replica outfits, and a glass case with Vance's submachine gun. Everything but the car is gone, stolen by a pair of crooks of Vikki and Vance's caliber. The main hall and the entrance are lined with slot machines, with blackjack and roulette tables in an adjacent room. There's also a lounge in the back, with a bar nearby. Finally, the cage with the cashiers is opposite the game room, in front of the car's mask, with the locked access hall right next to it.

At the beginning, the casino is filled with townsfolk who took shelter inside. They leave after the player secures a new sheriff for the town, replaced after a few days by Layla and her deserters.

The theft of Vikki and Vance artefacts can be reported to Slim, however, the player needs Science 50 to bypass the thieves' hack. The gun itself is found at the Wins hideout.


Gambling here requires that the player completes My Kind of Town and then deals with Layla's NCR deserters. Three days after the deserters are dealt with, the casino reopens.

  • The casino offers blackjack, roulette, and slots.
    • Blackjack is played with relatively forgiving rules: The dealer must hit soft 17. Any winnings are paid at a 3:2 ratio.
Rewards and ban

High rollers can earn the following bonus rewards:

The player is banned from playing after reaching 2 500 chips.

Notable loot

Related quests

Behind the scenes


  • In unpatched versions of the game, the script might not correctly remove casino chips from inventory, making it a source of infinite caps, Legion coin, and NCR dollars.
  • PCIcon pc.png The radio in the bar emits static, as it's tuned to Black Mountain Radio, but isoutside that station's broadcast radius.



Vikki and Vance Casino appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  1. Primm Slim: "Howdy pardner! Welcome to the Vikki and Vance Casino and Museum."
    (Primm Slim's dialogue)
  2. The Courier: "What is this place?"
    Primm Slim: "Why, this is the Vikki and Vance Casino and Museum - Primm's Primm-eer tourist attraction and resort destination! Yeehaw!"
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  3. The Courier: "Tell me the whole story of Vikki and Vance."
    Primm Slim: "Yahoo! I ain't had a chance to tell their tale in a mess of years. First things first: any bosh you've heard about Vikki and Vance being copycats ain't nothing but ill-tempered slander. Fact is, they begun their crime spree two days before Bonnie and Clyde robbed their first bank - so who was copying who? Now true, Vikki and Vance didn't exactly cut a wide swath of murder and bank robbery across the central U.S., like Bonnie and Clyde did. It was more like a narrow swath of shoplifting, check-cashing fraud, and gas pump driveoffs - but crime is crime! They drove reckless, too. Having lived by the gun - well, Vance owned one, anyway - it was only fitting that the duo of desperados would die by the gun. Perhaps it was fate itself that accidentally drove them into a crossfire between police and a gang of bank robbers in Plano, Texas. Or maybe they just didn't notice until it was too late. It's been said that Vikki would have tried to cash a bad check in that bank, had she lived. We'll never know for sure. All we know is that the crossfire tore the car and both occupants to pieces, and the police issued an official apology. You can put your eyes on the genuine Death Car just over yonder, and there's Vance's machine gun in the case next to it!"
    (Primm Slim's dialogue)
  4. The Courier: "Tell me about Primm."
    Primm Slim: "Primm is a thriving resort community located in Clark County, Nevada, right along Interstate 15. Whether you can't wait 'til Vegas to try your luck, or want to hit one last jackpot before you leave Nevada, Primm's your place! The town's Primm-eer attraction is the world-famous Vikki and Vance Casino and Museum, so you came to the right place, pardner!"
    (Primm Slim's dialogue)
  5. The Courier: "What about the Bison Steve hotel, across the street?"
    Primm Slim: "The Bison Steve is one of Primm's less-impressive casino hotels. I'd steer clear of that place, pardner, if I were you. Rumor is the dealers over there cheat, and that rickety roller-coaster's liable to fall down any day 'cause it wasn't built to code."
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  6. The Courier: "What's at Vikki and Vance?"
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    (Johnson Nash's dialogue)